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Clive Wilder

About Clive Wilder

Croft and Co Real Estate Pty Ltd was first registered in 2001 and purchased by the current owner in August 2004. We are a boutique style agency where the Owner / Principal is actively involved in all of the daily activities of the business. Our focus is on excellence and service to both our clients and Customers. We specialize in property sales and residential property management.

Our small but highly qualified staff are mature and have over thirty year’s accumulated and current experience. For client and customer peace of mind and protection, all staff hold current industry licenses, the business and Principal are current members of the REIQ.

When I purchased Croft and Co real Estate Pty Ltd I came across this quotation. (Dennis Wailey) “All winners, no matter what their game expect to win. Winner say I want to do this I can do this. Not I would like to do this, but I don’t think I can.”

Life is a game only the playing field is bigger. Buying and selling real estate is just another facet of the game to be enjoyed. You too can be a winner. Don’t say “I would like to but” say “I want to and I can be successful because I am in control”

At CRE Property Sales and Rentals we are the referee there are no bargains to be had and no cheap shots allowed, JUST FAIR PLAY. This rule forms the basis of our negotiation skills.

Inspections are by appointment only to protect the home occupant’s possessions and insurance. This also helps to correctly identify and qualify the proposed tenant or buyer.

We are competitive with our commission rates and costs. We offer many free services to our potential clients

We will not confuse you with a truck load of graphs, statistics, preambles or overpriced marketing to make us look knowledgeable. Analyzing the true value and marketing of your property should not be complicated or stressful. Let us show you how we Promise not to disappoint you.

Area Of Specialisation

WE offer an innovative and fresh approach to marketing. Extensive local and industry knowledge, with free advice on how to present your property. Website marketing ensuring that your property is always feature listed. Quality photography free of charge. Free signage. Traditional marketing methods designed to get results, and in consultation with you. Proven results. Personal service and 24 hour access to sales staff, extending beyond the point of contract and settlement. Inspections by appointment only at a time to suit the buyer, and of course you. Consistency in obtaining sales prices at or near the top of the selling range, and on some occasions, over the list price.

Career Highlights

I have worked hard all my life and it is my intention not to stop. Outside of my business I am passionate about my large extended family, my garden, motor bike, 4x4 and caravan. LIFE IS GREAT.

I am proud of my solid working class back ground, my first official job after successfully completing senior high school in 1968 was to operate heavy machinery and trucks for my father in his share farming and contract harvest business. I joined the ANZ Banking Group Ltd in January 1969 and quickly progress
through to senior internal relief before resigning at the end of 1976 to take up a family partnership on the land. Unfortunately as a result of drought in 1979 I found myself in Brisbane spending the next 14 years as a senior Conveyancer for various legal firms until early 1995. From 1995 until August 2004 I owned and operated four Silver Service taxies which has given me an in depth understanding of people and our fine city of Brisbane.

I have been the owner and licensee of Croft and Co Real Estate Pty Ltd since 4th August 2004 in which time the Company has grown and built its reputation entirely on repeat and referred business through our existing clients. I have focused on developing a Boutique style agency specializing in residential Sales
and Property Management.

I am a qualified Commissioner for Declarations and always available to assist my clients and the general public in this capacity.

Although I now reside in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs I previously lived in Mansfield from 1992 up until 2007. I have extensive knowledge and expertise in the local area, being actively involved in the day to day activities of my property management portfolio and residential sales.

Experience Member Since: Jan 2009

Office Location

Suburbs Serviced

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