Sharyn Dalgety

Sales Assistant

Strata Realty
1/230 Melton Road
Nundah QLD 4012

Sharyn Dalgety

About Sharyn Dalgety

Hi My name is Sharyn Harrex. My husband and I have our own Independent Real Estate Agency in Nundah on the Northside of Brisbane. We specialise in the sale of Residential property, units and apartments both off the plan and existing. We sell mainly residential properties and development sites and also have a property management portfolio where we will manage your rental properties. Trevor has had over 20 years experience in real estate and I joined the business 7 years ago, after having raised 4 children in a farming background and then running my own restaurant for 5 years.

Area Of Specialisation

Trevor has also had management rights for 15 years so we have a great repore with onsite managers as we understand their business so also sell alot of properties within complexs as well as selling management rights.

Career Highlights

My first sale was a highlight but being in a position where you are able to help clients achieve their desired result is the most rewarding part of real estate. Guiding clients through the process and seeing the smiles on their faces at the completion of a slae or purchase is the biggest highlight for me personally.


I absolutely love the marketing and photography involved with realestate. Member Since: Jan 2009

Office Location

Suburbs Serviced

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