Alex Dacakis, Sydenham, 3037

Alex Dacakis


O'Brien Real Estate, Sydenham, 3037

O'Brien Real Estate

17B Overton Lea Boulevard, Sydenham
Victoria 3037
Agency overview

Working in the industry and local area since i was 18 (9 years total) i have grown rapidly into a hands on Director of First National. I certainly haven't got to where i am for no reason. i put it down to hard work, open communication and putting my clients first, however the main reason for my success is the process i go through to achieve the best possible price for my vendors, this game is all about repeat business and that comes from doing good business for my clients. i would love to show you what separates me from the rest. many can say what they do i like to show you with my actions and with examples of success in recent times.

Marketing Plan

To achieve the best result we need to get as many people through the property as possible, the more traffic we get through the property the better chance we have of finding the right buyer or buyers, ultimately we would want a number of interested buyers at the same time to create competition, which can seriously work in getting the price up. to do this the property needs to be exposed as much as possible.
Our marketing will consist of a sign board, Internet advertising, newspaper advertising, professional photography and brochures. We will run open for inspections every Saturday along with having private inspections during the week. yes it can be a busy time, however we need to get the buyers through when the property is at the forefront of there mind. if we just push them to a Saturday they can see something else and forget about your property.


Sarah Thomas
1007A Colombo Street
Edgeware, Christchurch, 8014
New Zealand
PH: +64 3 371 9211

To Whom It May Concern:
I employed the services of Alex Dacakis of First National Real Estate in relation to a property I owned in Melbourne based at 38A Bungarim Wynd, Sydenham.
At the time my property went on the market I was based in New Zealand and was therefore not able to oversee the sale of this property in person.
I had originally engaged the services of Rodney Callahan at Brad Teal Real Estate and had such a terrible experience that I took the property off the market.
A couple of months later I decided to put the property back on the market and this time went through Alex at First National Real Estate.
I found Alex to be professional, honest, informative and easy to deal with. I felt that Alex took the time to understand my expectations, properly assess the property, provide a realistic estimate of what the property was worth and to k

—Sarah Thomas / Sydenham

Vendor: Ian & Christie
Property: 11 Rockwall Close, Sydenham

Dear potential vendor,
We recently sold our house with Alex Dacakis, and the team at First National Taylors Lakes. Christie & I had 5 local agents in for appraisals. Being the first time selling, we were looking for an agent to give us some guidance on how to best market & price our property.
After considering all the appraisals, we made the common mistake of taking the agent with the highest appraisal and the lowest commission. This was not with First National.
It was a disaster. Our property was over-priced and attracting the wrong buyers. We were on the market for 6 months with no offers in writing, only verbal offers which our agent couldn’t confirm. The agent put pressure on us to lower our price by nearly $40,000 which was well below his confident appraisal.
It was fair to say that he was totally un-professional and un-ethical. When his contract expired, we were left feeling bitter and disappointed with no resu

—Ian & Christie / Sydenham

Hi Alex,

I recently had the pleasure of listing my property in Hillside with Alex Dacakis, director of First National Watergardens.

Alex was very honest, easy going, enthusiastic and non pushy and yet oozed efficiency and confidence. He listened and worked with me
rather than tell me what to do. He instilled confidence in me for him from the first moment I met him, so refreshing.
Alex was very clear on details and was very prompt to answer my calls and to turn up for appointments.

My property went onto the market on the Friday, Alex did his thing, and it was sold the following Wednesday – in 5 days!!
A very pleasing and to me, unheard of result. Alex kept me totally informed and he worked hard to obtain the best price above reserve as possible
and then still exceeded that, and then with a 30 day settlement. I was thrilled. The whole process was so effortlessly done, brilliant.

If you are selling your property, Alex is the man to contact without doubt. I have no

—Ashley Blanken / Hillside
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