Alfio Musumeci, Haberfield, 2045

Alfio Musumeci


Ray White Haberfield, Haberfield, 2045

Ray White Haberfield

105 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, New South Wales 2045
Agency Overview
Ray White Haberfield

Haberfield “The Garden Suburb” is located 8.5 kms from the city and has a rich history steeped in heritage traditions. The suburb was first established in 1901 when a daughter of the original landholder passed away, Sarah Ramsay’s heirs sold the first 50 acres to Richard Stanton. Stanton was inspired by the early town planning movement and his first subdivision was between Deakin and Waratah Streets.

Stanton’s vision of a “Model Suburb” ensured fresh air, no overlooking and access to natural sunlight. Being based on the City Beautiful Movement, Haberfield soon became known as the “Garden Suburb”. Today Haberfield retains its key concepts of wide tree-lined streets, neighbourly gardens and period architecture.

Today the entire suburb is heritage listed as a Conservation Area and is proudly part of the Register of the National Estate of Australia.

Post World War Two immigration brought a considerable Italian influence into Haberfield and as a direct result of this influence these days it’s a foodie heaven. Walk down Ramsay Street on a Saturday morning and you’ll feel you’ve gone through a time warp and entered 1950’s Italy.

There are traditional Italian bakeries, cake shops, modern cafes, pizzerias, a butcher, delis and supermarkets that have endless supplies of all things Italian. You’ll often see small groups of middle aged and elderly Italian men congregating on street benches for a chat or to exchange cheeky banter with younger women. The food is among the best you’ll find anywhere in Sydney, often at cheaper prices. You’ll love the flavour that Haberfield has to offer.

Homes tend to be large and are mostly of Federation and Californian Bungalow eras, nestled in appealing treelined streets. It’s more of a suburb for families, and couples, with the unpretentious savvy moving in.

Serviced by five separate public buses lines and soon to be linked by the new light rail the public transport is well covered and parking is no problem. The vibe is friendly, with a strong Italian presence. Haberfield and its surrounding suburbs have excellent private and state schools with both denominational and non-denominational options.

Once people move to the suburb most never move out and any wonder as it is surrounded by parks and has a lovely relaxed multicultural inner west feel. Haberfield has so much to offer and would suit people looking at nesting, professionals and families. If you are considering becoming part of this relaxed vibrant community pop in and meet the team at Ray White Haberfield, this family run agency has been part of Haberfield since 1956. Alfio Musumeci and his Sales and Management teams are known for their intimate knowledge of Haberfield and the agency has sold more houses than any other agency in the area. Swing on by and have a coffee on us. We’ll look after you and we look forward to see you soon.
Marketing Plan
Alfio has experienced all market conditions, continues to break sales records and consistently exceeds price expectations. He does this with unrivalled personal service that, to industry newcomers, may seem old fashioned, but the results speak for themselves. Alfio specialises in selling Haberfield’s grand Victorian and Federation residences, but also handles the sale of contemporary homes and apartments in the surrounding areas. Alfio Musumeci continues to inspire those who work with him and is providing invaluable leadership to the team at Ray White Haberfield.

Sold at Auction $1,508,000.00 May 2015

S Tolhurst / 42 Rawson St Haberfield

Sold at Auction $2,225,000.00 May 2015

M Vaneziano / 7 Empire St Haberfield

Sold at Auction $2,105,000.00 May 2015

R Bonacorso / 72 Sloane St Haberfield
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