Allison Collis, Deepdene, 3103

Allison Collis


Modo Property, Deepdene, 3103

Modo Property

1/58 Whitehorse Road, Deepdene
Victoria 3103
Agency overview

Modo Property have a reputation for providing excellent service and exceptional results. Fast.

Seriously, read our reveiews on Google.

Real estate is a competitive industry. You only have to walk down a medium-sized shopping strip in any suburb of any city in Australia and you’ll see at least three well-established agencies within a few hundred metres of one another. So why open a business in Melbourne, one of the most property-obsessed (and competitive) cities of all?

The answer is simple: we knew we could do things better than they are.

By drawing on our extensive knowledge of the industry and experiences with people from all walks of life, we knew that we could do better. But more than that, we knew we could do it by giving clients an experience like nobody else. To be true experts in real estate it is imperative to know people just as well as you know property.

At Modo, we bring together decades of expertise and enthusiasm.

We make property personal.

Marketing Plan

Every property is unique and deserves a campaign tailored to complement their best features in order to fetch the highest sale price for the owner.
Many factors come into play during the sales process, but one of the most influential is marketing. And, with discriminating buyers everywhere these days, it’s never as simple as stating “This property is the best!”

Marketing a property adeptly is all about subtlety and thoughtfulness. It’s about careful selection of images and words, how they’re all put together and where they’re placed – in magazines? On boards? In newspapers? The answer isn’t always yes yes and yes. We make certain we get the balance right so you get the best opportunity for the highest sale price.

The Modo sales team knows property inside out. But more importantly, they understand how to create interest in a piece of real estate, marketing it so that competition is increased and the best possible price can be achieved. We combine an outstanding knowledge of the local area and up-to-the-minute market conditions with no-problem-too-small service.

By treating every person we meet with warmth, fairness and respect, we establish trust and get the best result for our clients every time.

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