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AB Property Consultants Pty Ltd, Northmead, 2152

AB Property Consultants Pty Ltd

4/105 Hammers Road, Northmead
New South Wales 2152
Agency overview

AB Property Consultants is a dream project of Atul Bhanushali,very well know brand in Western Sydney. Company has its entire focus on providing its customers' with best quality service with lowest possible though still achieving premium results. This is achieved by using state of the art technology at all times. With proven track record and great attitude AB is way ahead of its competitors.

Marketing Plan

Marketing strategies

We as a company have invested heavily in the
internet, which is the future direction of real estate, please find the
following sites we can offer you:

Internet this is the most widely used site throughout the
industry and has the biggest acceptance by buyers, on this basis we have
secured special deal for *Feature Listing in* for a property & *Elite Listing in*. Considering the popularity of the site “normal” listings get bumped down quickly to later pages and the property loses its impact and freshness on the site. figures show average
session time of 8 minutes on the site, so it’s vital to be always on the
early pages. site is also popular and we find has strong branding,
we can offer you a elite listing plus with priority placement with a refresh every 30 days back to page 1. In addition we also offer e-brochures from domain. Recently we have signed up to domain mobile, which is quickly
becoming peoples preferred choice of on line buying by way of iphone, the
awareness of this service to your marketing will be advertised in all
mediums, young professionals respond and find this invaluable as far as time
management and portability are concerned.

To totally cover this medium we also include: and many other websites

We recommend and use a 6x4 full colour square line sale board, and can use
up to 4 photos on it. Open house and auction day will have open for
inspection directional signage on all major intersections.

Print media advertising
We strongly recommend Parramatta advertiser/ Hills district newspaper especially when property is on Auction campaign. It ensures that every aspect of marketing is covered.

MyDesktop Software: This software has opened whole new world of
marketing in real estate. Used wisely this will communicate your property
to all buyers matching criteria as well as they will receive SMS as a
reminder for your property through same software. This software also allows
us to link your property to Facebook and Twitter *thereby allowing
thousands of buyers to view beautiful photos of your property. This
software allows to directly contact potential buyers who are in our
database about open home timings and updates on your property.

Vendor Participation: Along with AB PROPERTY CONSULTANTS,
myself you will also have a chance to share your property with your social
network through Facebook and Twitter, through and

Open Home Inspections: Every activity we do in sales and marketing is to
ensure enough number of people view your property at open home thereby
creating competition and offers for your consideration. We also give lot of
importance to private inspection to increase opportunity to sell your
property on timely manner.

Additional Service: We have experienced that lot of buyers have trouble
finding efficient solicitor and reliable mortgage broker. We do recommend
following professionals to buyers as additional service to ensure that sale
process isn’t hampered by buyer not being educated.

Raymond Mawad at RM Legal on 96877000

Following is the program that we would be using to promote & market the property to ensure that a successful sale is achieved:

1. Professional 6x4 Edge Wrap signboard with $295
50 quality full colour Brochures and 200 just listed
A6 letterbox drops

2. Premium professional colour photos with floor plan and slideshow $200
3. Uploading to key internet websites with feature property
on, elite listing on as well
as on, & $450.00
4. SMS & email & in newsletters to our data based buyers At our cost
5. All photo copies, postage & deliveries for contracts At our cost
6. Social media marketing At our cost


We trust this would be an appropriate structure that you would be happy with and that we are able to work with. We aim to achieve the highest price possible for you by presenting the property in an expert manner and employing professional negotiating skills.

The key to price maximisation will, I believe be dependent upon the market perception. A professionally structured marketing campaign as proposed by us and outlined in our submission, will provide the best means to cover the market and ensure the best possible price is obtained in the shortest possible time frame.

Should you have any further questions relating to our appraisal or anything else I may be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my mobile 0402 961 515.

Yours faithfully,
Atul Bhanushali

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