Barbara Ferguson, Basin View, 2540

Barbara Ferguson


Dwell Realty, Basin View, 2540

Dwell Realty

24 Winn Avenue, Basin View
New South Wales 2540
Agency overview

dwell Realty is one agency where we offer a service like no other. A small agency with a staff of 3 people who are all dedicated to giving you a great experience when you choose to market your home for sale. When we market your home we keep in touch with you on a regular basis and pass on the thoughts of the buyers that are looking at your home. Sometimes the information passed on may not be exactly what you hear but it is coming from the buyers that are currently in the market. We are agents that aim to get the price that you are happy with when the negotiation process starts and not just after a quick sale to make our agency look good.
Our agency has respect for you and your property at all times.
We hope to hear from you and have the opportunity to give an indication on what price you may achieve for your home in the current market.

Marketing Plan

dwell list on major websites and with a few modern touches to advertising such as social media. We have property specific brochures which are designed for each home/land individually. Promoting the benefits to your property as this is critical to any buyers to capture their attention.
Open homes are run weekly/fortnightly if convenient to all vendors/tenants at times and days that suit the area. Being open 6 days a week for inspections. The seventh day we will also do inspections if a buyer requests as we do try to fit in with all buyers due to their busy time schedules.
Professional photography and floor plans are done by our photographer for each property to promote the best possible image to attract buyers.

Office Location