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Ray White Adelaide

32 Halifax Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Agency Overview
Ray White Adelaide Group is based in Burnside, Adelaide CBD and Glenelg and is part of the largest real estate group in Australasia. We have years of experience in dealing with property in Adelaide, during which time we have gained a sound understanding of the market and what our clients want. We know how important it is that you receive a top-quality service when you are looking to buy, sell or rent real estate in Adelaide. This is why our team is committed to achieving the best possible results on your behalf, leaving you happy that you chose the Group. Many of our previous customers have commented on the high standard of service they have received from our team and we hope that you will be next.
Marketing Plan
In Room Auction:
The best way to sell a property is with the right price, but get it wrong and with the Internet, it can do a lot of damage to your price and for a long time. So by using the Auction strategy a particular way you can ensure you get the right price. This is a particularly good method of sale to find out exactly what the market is willing to pay and can create competition, giving you the chance of a premium, without damaging it on the Internet by having a price visible for a long period of time. However the real strength of this process is not the actual Auction itself, it is the enquiry we get prior to the Auction from people seeking what price it might go for. This gives you control back as the seller by knowing who is enquiring on your property and allows myself as the agent to use my skill set to get the most from the market, the Internet has taken this away from all other strategies. We run an Auction as 4 stages, each stage allows a chance for Sale with the chance increasing each time
Advertise as an Auction if not sold prior, this is the chance for a real premium with people putting forward offers that may come in higher than expected.
The Auction itself which can drive the price with competition, held In rooms for the most likely chance of a result
We now use the feedback from the first 3 stages as research to know exactly where it sits in the market, you can then make the choice now of listing it at this price and getting it sold or removing it knowing you have had the best Valuation you can get but have done no damage by listing with a price.
List with correct price
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