Charmaine Mack, Henley Beach, 5022

Charmaine Mack


Elevate Realty, Henley Beach, 5022

Elevate Realty

PO Box 522, Henley Beach
South Australia 5022
Agency overview

With a sole focus on all things property management. Our vision is very much just a reflection of Charmaine herself where we believe in doing things correctly the first time therefore reducing headaches and stress for all parties.

Relationships are highly valued not only for our investor clients but for the tenants also. Charmaine has always believed that if you have positive relationships with both sides of a tenancy then your experience as an investor is only going to be a strong one that provides results.

I believe in “elevating” all parties of a transaction. Seeing my investor clients succeed in their investment goals and also my tenant clients succeed in having a healthy and viable tenancy where one day they get to someday have their own home and potentially their own investment one day.

I am excited to be working one on one with my clients, you will no longer have to deal with multiple people in an office as I know so many agencies run with this structure and through my experience have identified that this is a main aggravator for clients that simply does not work well. We have gladly adopted some of the latest tech programs for property management to give my clients transparency of their investments, starting with their own portals for both owners and tenants.

Application processing has come a long way in recent years, so peace of mind knowing that thorough checks are completed each and every time.

Born in November of 2019 Elevate Realty is not just about the property, it is about the people behind those properties. I know that our clients want top returns for their investments but more than this they want to trust and know who they are dealing with. Communication is more than just emailing and statements and you will find this with Elevate Realty……..We are here for you!

Marketing Plan

First areas to get right are price point and presentation - without those you don't have the right tenant selection to choose from.
Secondly - by having the same person who is managing your property assist you with hand picking your preferred tenant you know that they are going to work in your best interests, not just trying to meet a KPI.
I work on finding a suitable tenant not just for the property but for you, the relationship has to be harmonious to be successful. It works both ways, a happy tenant means a happy owner.

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