Cheryl Keher, Frankston, 3199

Cheryl Keher

Business Development Manager

Biggin & Scott, Frankston, 3199

Biggin & Scott

23 Playne Street, Frankston
Victoria 3199
Agency overview

Biggin & Scott manage more than 12,000 properties throughout our Victorian network

On average our clients use our services for at least five (5) years and many have been with us more than 30 years

There is property management and then there is Biggin & Scott property management.

We are all about maximising your investments, providing outstanding service & giving you future opportunities for growth.

• Annual rent reviews & rent increases at every opportunity.

• Regular routine inspections with full report to landlords.

• Reliable managers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience.

• Landlord rewards program.

• Priority preference to ‘off market’ investment opportunities.

• Access to financial advisors if you wish to increase your portfolio.

• Regular contact from business Director for all your real estate needs.

• Quality information provided relating to investment properties.

• Membership to our investment groups with likeminded investors.

• Tailor made service plan to your preference.

We would love to help you grow your wealth through the very best management service available

Empowering People Through Property

Marketing Plan

First and foremost, we can minimise your vacancy period substantially because our rentals are listed as Premier Properties on, ensuring your property is at the top of the page when people are searching the internet.

We also have a system which allows the tenants to book in to see the property at times outside the usual weekend opens. This extra availability substantially increases the number of people who can view your property.

This system also records the contact details of people who look at your property on line but don’t apply to see through. We follow up with these contacts and if price is the problem in comparison to similar properties they have viewed, we can adjust the rent accordingly to ensure the property leases quickly.

As new properties become available we also notify our database of tenants seeking similar accommodation.

Low vacancy is the most important factor in maximizing your income and our vacancy rates are well below industry averages.

Our integrated marketing activities include:
* High internet exposure
*Eye catching sign boards
*Exclusive Biggin & Scott database advising all offices prospective tenants immediately your property is listed for rent
*Regular OFI's when the property is still tenanted to ensure low vacancy
*Informative rent lists with OFI times

Low vacancy is the most important factor in maximizing your income and our vacancy rates are well below industry averages.

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