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Emma Baker


InStyle Estate Agents - Canberra, Kingston, 2604

InStyle Estate Agents - Canberra

11 Parbery Street, Kingston
Australian Capital Territory 2604
Agency overview

Real Estate Agencies are only as good as what they achieve in today’s market. How long an agency or agent has been around, or whether they create clever campaigns is irrelevant if today they are not achieving premium results with minimal fuss. History is important, but what we do today matters more. At inStyle Estate Agents, we recognise this and are focused on achieving in the moment!

InStyle Estate Agents is a specialist boutique agency comprised of expert property managers and real estate professionals. At InStyle, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible results. Our standout team of highly motivated and experienced professionals ensure all our clients (past, present and future) are the recipients of an unparalleled, un-compromised professional service, which is tailored to each individual client’s needs. We achieve this service with 100% accountability and 0% stress.
– Emma Baker, Principal

We have seven core values. These values are the pillars of our business and are incorporated into all we do and most importantly drive our team culture.

PEOPLE FOCUSSED. We are people centric. The people we work for and work with is our top priority. We recognise our clients and team are the sum of our success and should always come first.

CREATE MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. We connect with our clients, our suppliers and our team. We know being compassionate, humble and respectful builds strong relationships and strong relationships equal success. When we work together we are stronger.

PASSION FOR PROPERTY. Our focus is clear – we are purely dedicated to looking after you and your property needs. We love what we do and recognise your property is your biggest asset.

BE EXTRAORDINARY. We go the extra mile in everything we do.

MAKE IT HAPPEN. No matter how big or small the task – we deliver. We take responsibility and are outcome orientated.

HAVE INTEGRITY. This means doing the right thing. Our actions are transparent. We believe being consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine builds trust and trust is the new currency.

INNOVATE. Change excites us. We recognise real estate is an ever-changing industry and pride ourselves on introducing new systems and ideas to improve the ways we help and support our clients.

Marketing Plan


Conduct thorough research, plan and listen.
• Objectives - What do you want to achieve?
• Priorities - What is important to you?
• Apprehensions - What is of concern to you?
• Property details
• Location/neighbourhood
Paying attention to these details means we can accurately place and present your property to the market.

Competitively place your property in the market by setting a price that will attract the most buyers. Highest prices are achieved when buyer interest and competition are at their highest.

Recognise and resolve any items that may cause concern to buyers during the marketing and or negotiation phases of the sale. We are experienced in identifying the concerns of buyers and help you address this before they are an issue.
We take into account;
• Detailing
• Styling and Furnishing
• Landscaping
• Building and pest reports
• Strata/body corporate reports

We create a clever campaign unique to your property that will reach the maximum number of potential buyers. We market the property in its best light and make it available for potential buyers to view and make the decision it’s their next property.
• Professional photography
• Clear floorplan
• Professional copywriting
• Quality brochures and signboard
• Contact the database
• Websites
• Social media
• Videography
• Local and or national press

We never take our foot off the pedal. We remain in touch with you, the seller and the buyers of your property throughout the whole process. We understand the sale is not over just because exchange has occurred. We actively assist the sale to completion.

The InStyle Way
Our innovative approach keeps the campaign as simple and straightforward as possible for you. A key aspect of this is our dedication to close personal communication and excellence in professional service. We listen to your individual requirements and deliver.

The sale process can be daunting especially when it’s time for strangers to view your property. We understand your concerns and make sure we maintain open channels of communication. We provide immediate feedback after all inspections, including;
• Attendance: the number of groups that came through the inspection.
• Contracts issued: the number of groups who requested a contract.
• Repeat visits: we know when a buyer comes back for a second or third viewing.
• Buyer feedback: we present what buyers have to say to you so we can work together to overcome any buyer concern and achieve a premium result.

We will update you regularly both via the phone and in writing throughout the entire sale process. We will provide you with comprehensive updates including the status of the marketing campaign, both positive and negative buyer feedback and the status of prospective buyers. We will follow up parties who have shown interest in your property and keep you in the loop and informed at all times.

Critical to the success of your campaign is our ability to bring it to the attention of the largest pool of active and passive buyers possible.

We develop an advertising strategy specifically for your property. We believe a combination of internet, high quality eye-catching photography, detailed floor plans, sophisticated copywriting, signboards and brochures will deliver the most impact and best outcome for you.

InStyle signboards showcase quality. Typically, 6 x 3 ft, InStyle signboards stand out to passing prospective buyers. We include the important sale details and an image to entice prospective buyers to inspect the property.

Our brochures like our signboards are synonymous with quality property. We provide all buyers who attend the property with a coloured brochure to assist their decision process. Our brochures include the best few images of your property, a short blurb and all the important sale and agent contact details. We place the property’s features and floor plan on the back of the brochure.

We have extensive database of qualified buyers. We personally manage our database; each sales agent interacts with all his or her buyers on a personal level. This means when we list your property, we may already know the perfect buyer.
• Buyer match (e-brochure) when property is launched to market
• E-brochure if a price adjustment occurs
• Weekly open home invites
• Personal phone calls to all prospective buyers
• Regular email updates throughout campaign
• E- brochure to database and all buyers who have expressed interest each time a property is sold within a development

We know the vast majority of buyers look for their next property online. We present your property
on the following portals;
• Allhomes.com.au – the no. 1 real estate portal in the ACT.
• Domain.com.au – the no. 2 real estate portal in Australia.
• Realestate.com.au – the no. 1 real estate portal in Australia with an average of 3 million+ visitors monthly across web and mobile applications.
• Instyleagentscbr.com.au – our personalised website.

An editorial review of your property is very valuable. Our dedicated team is always looking for opportunities to highlight your property to the market. We actively seek both online and print media promotional and editorial opportunities for your property.

We know social media is becoming a powerful platform to reach buyers and we are using it. A sponsored Facebook Ad campaign reaches 1000s of prospective buyers.

Buyers still use print media to shortlist property, identify comparable property and generally to assist in their decision process.
• Allhomes Magazine produced by Domain Group (Allhomes.com.au and Domain.com.au), features as an insert in the Saturday Canberra Times. It is published on a Friday and delivered around Canberra Estate Agencies – ready for the weekend traffic.
• Canberra Weekly is a 220+ page glossy news and lifestyle magazine with a strong real estate section. Launched in March 2009 by Nick Samaras, the Canberra Weekly is now ACT’s biggest and most read magazine. 96,400+ individuals read it weekly with 43,000* copies distributed at 850 pick-up locations.
* Data obtained www.canberraweekly.com.au

Photography is the single most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign.
The colours, views and angles of the photos must be correct but also the photography must appeal to the
buyer. For these reasons we employ a professional photographer. This ensures your home is not only shot in the best possible way but is accurately represented.

A visual is worth a thousand words. Our property videos provide a deeper insight into the layout of the home by showcasing the features and primary selling points of the home. Our property videos also present the area including its attractions to prospective buyers.

Every property has its own story. We produce quality copywriting to convey the features, lifestyle, location and benefits associated with your property.

Our floor plans are professionally produced and consistent across our marketing material. Our floorplans are easy to read and include measurements. Floor plans are essential in assisting buyers to
become emotionally attached the property and mentally move in. If a buyer has seen the photos and the floorplan showing the room dimensions and they are requesting a property inspection, they must be a serious purchaser.

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