Eoghan Murphy, Varsity Lakes, 4227

Eoghan Murphy

Sales Consultant

M-Motion, Varsity Lakes, 4227


106/20 Lake Orr Drive, Varsity Lakes, Queensland 4227
Agency Overview
Having a significant and meaningful impact on the real estate sector is no easy achievement. Changing and improving the real estate industry requires commitment and a steadfast focus.

M-Motion have implemented change for the better. Our focus is not on fighting the old but on building the new – we are the new generation. ‘New Generation’ is not an adage based on age but rather a motto reflecting our progressive mindset, a cutting edge approach and a positive and confident attitude.

Our values are primarily and firmly fixed to that which best serves the client. ‘Clients best interest first and foremost’. This is the singular premise from which the M-Motion business model has been created. There will be no variance from this.

M-Motion is committed to providing infrastructure that will empower and inspire our agents to serve the interests of the client without conflict and without constraint. In doing so our agents are provided with the necessary platforms required to serve their clients at the highest level.
Marketing Plan
The successful sale of your property should not be ‘chased’ but rather ‘attracted’.

Attracting success starts with proper preparation and a strategic approach.

If you are selling a decent home, then by default you should get a decent result. Yet this is not always so. We often see properties that sell very well, but conversely we all know people that have bought well. If somebody ‘buys well’ there is an inference the seller did not sell well… If you want a premium result, my advice is to focus not on the price, but on the process. When you get the process right the price will take care of itself. I believe luck has no place in the professional modern-day marketing and selling of property. Your success will be a measure of your preparation, your understanding of the process and the execution or implementation of your plan.

Potential does not deliver results: Performance delivers results.

Peak performance starts by taking responsibility for the entire process that ultimately delivers the end result. Get the process right and everything else will take care of itself…

Yes it takes time, but before anything else, Preparation is key to Success

Proper Planning and Preparation enhances the probability of a timely sale at a premium price. This phase is absolutely critical to your sales success. The benefits to you are less stress, faster results, a superior sale price and lower fees. The advantage to us is increased productivity, greater efficiency and very happy clients.

In real estate it is all too often ‘price’ and price alone that both agents and sellers tend to focus on. This single minded approach is often to the detriment of the process that is actually responsible for achieving a premium result… Let’s truly emphasise the importance of the end result by really focusing on the process.

At M-Motion the sale of your home will be treated as a standalone project. Our experience has proven time and time again that both elusive results and premium prices are readily attainable when correct process is combined with strategy, skill and hard work.

‘Success by Design’ is much more than a smart marketing maxim. It is the core philosophy that underpins everything we do…

At M-Motion our processes, systems and strategic marketing, together with ‘award winning’ professional ability has redefined Real Estate representation.

The M-Motion team was different, the only thing that we were promised was that they would do everything that they could to give us the best possible result. Judging by recent sales in our area we would have been happy with somewhere in the late 800’s…The M-Motion team sold our home for $960,000!!! A record sale for the area! There are literally no words that can explain our joy towards this result, we will let the figures talk for themselves! From the bottom of our hearts, to everyone at M-Motion, thank you so much! You have made the path to retirement that little bit easier for us.

Mike & Theresa / Burleigh Waters

As an owner living in Sydney, we needed an agent that was on the ball. The team at M-Motion were absolutely fantastic, exceeding our expectations at every turn. They are very different, they are in a class of their own.

Alex & Amanda Paul / Burleigh Waters

We just wanted to thank you and your team for exceeding our expectations with the awesome result you achieved on the sale of our house. Your persistence in getting us to list with you after being with several other agents over the last twelve months quickly restored our confidence in the market and produced a positive outcome.

The level of professionalism for the whole team is a credit to your agency. Honest reliable and actively involved throughout the process, your team far exceeds all competitors in customer service and striving that extra mile for success. You have kept us informed throughout the whole process and we appreciate those extra phone calls and time.

We have no hesitations in recommending M-Motion and look forwards to using your agency again.

Pete & Elizabeth Lee / Broadbeach Waters
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