Fabian Dos Santos, Brisbane, 4000

Fabian Dos Santos

Senior Sales Executive

Matthew Alexander - Brisbane, Brisbane, 4000

Matthew Alexander - Brisbane

40 Carnation Road, Brisbane, Queensland 4000
Agency Overview
Matthew Alexander RE is an investor founded agency with a vast knowledge in the building industry.

A team formed from different aspects of experience, we have successfully combined the knowledge of the individual/s from the building industry, over 12 years in the real estate industry and 10 years of sales environment.

At Matthew Alexander Real Estate, we are always looking at different ideas and opportunities to exceed results and expectations.
Marketing Plan
All properties are unique and may require specific needs. However, we dedicate ourselves in finding other means to achieve the result the client desires.

Apart from the conventional online marketing and the benefit of a well-written script that is easy to read & appealing photography, we look at utilising other resources such as collaboration with other companies for extra exposure.

An example of this would be by producing a video photography film for your property, which will include products from our partners. In turn these businesses will also have a video which will be played in the place of business, website and social media pages for more exposure.

This would be up to discussions with yourself to suit your property.

After 7 years of torture (& bad luck) from my first property I purchased prior to the GFC I can finally say its all over, whilst I walked away thousands out of pocket I am thankful that I squeezed every last dollar out in its sale fetching more than expected thanks to the agent. In what I have learnt with agents and the property market over the years is this. There are three types of agents. The first time are the ones that tie up your listing and stick it on the net waiting for calls. The second is the enthusiastic and experienced who does the first but well alongside market strategies and open homes. But then there's the third kind that goes above all this and looks to the world outside of realestate.com this agent you may as well call a buyers agent, they just pluck the buyers out from where ever possible, its not about waiting for a call its about making the calls. Matthew Alexander realestate is of the third kind, thanks for selling my property and all the stuff around

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