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Auction Advantage, Canberra, 2601

Auction Advantage

1/77 London Circuit, Canberra
Australian Capital Territory 2601
Agency overview

Auction Advantage is new, but we are not new to this.

This is our guarantee: If we don't get what say on auction day you don't pay, and if we don't do what we say will during the campaign you don't pay for marketing.

Our agency agreements are 7 days so at any point you wish to leave you simply let us know and we conclude our agency agreement and provide you with the list of all the buyers generated.

Marketing Plan

Marketing does take care of itself. Note not all properties should be auctioned and not all properties auctioned should be sold at auction.

Selling is a different process. The ultimate problem with real estate is the model of agent and client engagement. Most agents in the ACT charge 1-2% or a nominal % percentage of the sales price. Here in lies the problem.

Let's assume you have appointed an agent and agreed to pay them 2% of the total sale price.

Assume its now 12 weeks after you signed agreement and the agent is in negotiations on your behalf with the buyer. Handled correctly in these negotiations the agent could extract more, let's say $20,000. However, what is the incentive? 2% of the extra $20,000 is $400 and it might take an additional 2 weeks.

Very few people know it, and very people discuss it, but the incentive model you agree with your negotiator at the beginning of your relationship can and usually does determine the last $20,000, $30,000 or $50,000.

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