Gerard Gray, Bright, 3741

Gerard Gray

Sales Manager

Dickens Real Estate - Bright, Bright, 3741

Dickens Real Estate - Bright

20 Ireland Street, Bright
Victoria 3741
Agency overview

The one thing that hasn't changed since the business started is that we are customer focused. We aim to take the stress out of selling by keeping you informed along the way of feedback and this then will allow us together to make the right decisions to get the very best result.
At Dickens Real Estate we specialise in certain aspects of the business. I for example don't sell business's, I do however concentrate on selling residential, rural & commercial freeholds. This approach allows me to be completely up to date with what is happening in the market without any distractions.

Marketing Plan

There is so much to marketing a property that cant be written into a submission. Every home is different with different features to focus on and it is then these aspects that will then guide us towards who your likely buyer is and how is it that we will get them to fall in love with your property.

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