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Grant Matterson

Sales Executive

LJ Hooker Narrabeen, North Narrabeen, 2101

LJ Hooker Narrabeen

1-7 Lagoon Street, North Narrabeen, New South Wales 2101
Agency Overview
Located in the heart of Narrabeen, LJ Hooker Narrabeen is highly renowned for providing exceptional results, a friendly, honest and exemplary service and a dynamic approach to property marketing.

We are a dedicated team, ready to assist new and repeat clients to reach their goal of buying, selling or renting a property. We are continually updating our systems, promoting new marketing initiatives and refining our service to set ourselves aside from our competitors!
Marketing Plan
Follow these links to example of related information towards a successful sale.
• Example of Buyers Guide-
• Example of Marketing Virtual website-
• Auction is very popular at this moment and if gives you the opportunity to achieve a unknown figure on the day caused by high emotions, ego and agent involvement.
• If For Sale is preferable you need to still attract all buyers by offering value and getting 1,2 or 3 buyers competing for the property and having an agent to cause a Dutch auction.
• Agent- Every agent will get you a different result(price)depending on their experience and negotiating process (they need to be a psychologist as well being able to deal with multiple personalities)The difference can be $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 plus so fee becomes a minor point if you have the wrong agent.
• Here is a number of recent clients you may want to speak with- Susan Trodd 0402115991 – Debbie Dowsett 0416235135 – Mike Bastick 0419977484 – Mercy 0415042193 – Rebecca 0416192522

Below is an outline of how we would handle your very important property sale.

These are the topics I would like to cover:

• Presentation & Preparation
• Current market conditions
• Timing
• Target Market
• Method of Sale
• Marketing
• LJ Hooker differences
• Price range
• Investment
• Communication
• Track record
• Points of difference

Presentation & Preparation

• We will talk about how to maximise your property value at our meeting.
• And off course using LJ Hooker branding to add perceived value to the property and marketing.

Current market conditions
Recently we have seen a large increase in sales to local buyers, out of area buyers and especially out of area investors as buyers are becoming more confident in the market.
This is great news to provide a strong platform to secure a premium result.

I would recommend listing your property as soon as you are ready. It will take us approx 2 weeks to prepare photography, copywriting, floor plans etc.
Once these are prepared and proofed by you, your property would be ready to go to market.

Below is the time line I would envisage:

• List your property when you are ready.
• Arrange photography, copy, floor plan.
• All photography, copy, floor plans and marketing proofs would be approved by yourselves.
• Your property would be loaded onto all of the internet sites (,,,, etc.
• First advertisement would appear the following week..
• First open house would take place on Saturday.
• All follow up from open house would be completed Monday.
• Complete progress report and email to you for review.
• Second advertisement would appear the next Saturday.
• Second open house would take place Saturday.
• All follow up from open house would be completed Monday.
• Complete progress report and email to you for review Wed.
• Third advertisement would appear Saturday..
• Third open house would take place Saturday.
• All follow up from open house would be completed Monday.
• Complete progress report and email to you for review Wed ..
• Price meeting or meeting to set reserve based on feedback during campaign Friday.
• All being well your property will be sold!

Target Market

We have a strategy to reach more buyers for all of these target markets and more in fact, there is no other real estate agency that has a greater strategy to reach more buyers than LJ Hooker.
There are many reasons LJ Hooker can help you reach these audiences as I’ll discuss in the LJ Hooker Differences below.

Method or Sale

Whether you go For Sale or Auction the process is the same except for the day of the auction which can give you the opportunity to get a out of line price due to competition, ego and emotions. This is not a guarantee but a possibility that does not usually happen through the For Sales process.

A strategic approach is paramount in achieving a strong and successful result. If you look at the stats, properties that are marketed with a plan attached have a 74% chance of selling within the first 30 days as opposed to only a 7% chance of selling within 30 days if a property is marketed incorrectly. I strongly recommend you engage a structured marketing campaign encompassing the local market through the traditional media (Manly Daily) and out of area buyers through our internet strategy. (These are optional and tailored to suit you personally)

LJ Hooker Differences

At LJ Hooker we have a team approach and have access to all of the 14 Offices on the Northern Beaches whose buyers are looking for property on the Northern Beaches This is unique to LJ Hooker.
When we list a property all of these buyers get delivered via email your property details. This allows us to at least touch the right target markets before anything happens in the active or open market. We also phone each of these buyers as the first part of our marketing campaign to arrange viewings before it hits the active market.

LJ Hooker photographers are professional property photographers, this is what they do full time. This is the reason that our company’s photography has earned the position of the best photography in the industry. 50% of the information people absorb is visual and photography is quite often the first reason buyers will either include or exclude your property.

LJ Hooker Brand
Research has shown that when buyers are dealing with a property handled by LJ Hooker, they feel the property is usually a premium property and also the agents are more skilled in the process of selling, meaning that their product knowledge is better and their level of commitment to service is better. What the brand will mean to you is there will be a higher level of confidence in the market place that your property is headed for a premium result.
There are many other subtle differences that also contribute to a premium result however I feel these are the most relevant in your case.

Price range
After viewing your property I will give you an estimate of a logical figure and the emotional figure that may be achieved however your price will ultimately be determined by the level of interest that is generated in the property and the types of buyers that become emotionally attached.
The best scenario is to have multiple parties interested in your home and allow the energy to create a premium outcome.

I have found that if I communicate effectively with an owner during their entire selling experience then not only is it more enjoyable but the result is usually better because the energy is high around the property and we are all working on the outcome together.
The communication you would receive is regular emails and phone calls keeping you up to date with your selling progression and also a weekly report that would look similar to the attached document.

If given the opportunity to work with you I will help you achieve an outstanding result whilst keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

Grant has a remarkably practical, down to earth approach to selling property. He tells it like it is with no exaggerated sales talk. He is honest and very easy to work with. I was extremely happy with everything he did to sell my property and was particularly impressed with the negotiating skills he used to secure me an excellent price. I would certainly recommend Grant. It is great that he knows and enjoys the Narrabeen area so much.

Phil Mason / Northern Beaches


Brent And Debbie Dowsett / Northern Beaches

We were delighted when Grant exceeded our already high expectations. Chosen for his established track record and local knowledge, he did not disappoint. Regular updates and careful consultation ensured that we were constantly in the loop. His handling of potential buyers was similarly respectful and sensitive. Most importantly for us, the final outcome was even better than we had hoped. Thanks a million, Grant!

Mark And Anne Warburton / Northern Beaches
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