Irena Todorovski, South Morang, 3752

Irena Todorovski


Redefined Real Estate, South Morang, 3752

Redefined Real Estate

797 Plenty Road, South Morang
Victoria 3752
Agency overview

We’re not like other real estate agencies. We don’t give you what others have been doing for decades. A team that comes together to do things differently. We’re end to end real estate advisors and negotiators. Experts in buying, selling, and leasing real estate. We tell you how it is. It’s about achieving the best result for you. Always! Why? Because we put you, before the commission. Achieving the best outcome for your situation is our motivation.

Marketing Plan

Openn Negotiation
Openn Negotiation allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers there are. It allows buyers to continually improve their price until no further bids are made.

Openn Negotiation encourages buyer participation by allowing buyers with varied terms and conditions (subject to the seller’s approval) to participate in the process. More competition helps to push the price of your property up. The Final Bidding Stage of the Open Negotiation process can be brought forward at any time allowing for a shorter-term on market.

All buyers are pre-contracted and approved by the seller, meaning you have a real-time indication of how many qualified buyers are placing legally binding bids, from as early as day one.

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