James Bouteris, Pyrmont, 2009

James Bouteris


Bluechip Real Estate , Pyrmont, 2009

Bluechip Real Estate

55 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009
Agency Overview
Bluechip Real Estate is a specialist in Property Sales and Investment Management. It was developed as the need arose for our clients that were coming from purchasing new property and already had existing property. Having already had strong relationships with our clients it was an easy and comfortable transition to streamline their property portfolio under one roof.
We believe that developing strong relationships is key in working with anyone. One of the other most important things is to have a clear understanding of our clients position to make their property investment work as best suits them. We will always advise and give our recommendations as we are daily on the ground and have a clear understanding of the market place.

At Bluechip we are constantly improving our use of technology to streamline and maximize time efficiency in order to provide maximum service to our Clients and their properties on a consistent basis.
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