Janita Atha, Howrah, 7018

Janita Atha


Petrusma Property, Howrah, 7018

Petrusma Property

15 Shoreline Road, Howrah
Tasmania 7018
Agency overview

By entrusting the management of your property to Petrusma Property Management, you are assured the personal commitment of not only your property manager, but the full team of the company in achieving your objectives. Residential property management has undergone some significant changes over the last decade. The Residential Tenancies Act is an ever changing set of laws that are in place to better govern & protect tenants & landlords alike. Appointing us will ensure you have the experience & knowledge to meet the necessary requirements.

Our team has a wealth of experience & knowledge of the local rental market.

With Petrusma Property Management your investment is in safe hands.

Marketing Plan

We believe the best platform to maximise the exposure of a rental property is to launch onto the Internet. Our website petrusma.com.au, together with realestate.com.au and portal feeds to other dominating real estate sites reaches a wide audience of potential tenants. An inspection time is included providing the opportunity for the property to be showcased. Once applications are received we consider all aspects of the tenant applying and recommendations are put forward to our owner for approval. At our tenant induction we provide our new tenants with the expectations we have of them leaving nothing to chance. Our aim is to ensure we maximise the return on your investment and provide a unique level of service to our clients.

Office Location