Jemma Turner, Happy Valley, 5159

Jemma Turner

Sales Consultant

Magain Real Estate, Happy Valley, 5159

Magain Real Estate

Shop 4 Kenihans Road, Happy Valley
South Australia 5159
Agency overview

Recently, I was personally awards "Agent of the Year" and Magain Real Estate was awarded number one real estate agency in Australia by Real Estate Business, an outstanding achievement!

I strongly believe these achievements have come from how closely we all work together. Unlike other large agencies, where it is franchise vs franchise, at Magain's all six offices meet together at least twice a week. This enables us to share many more buyers than other companies, keeping our days on market very low.

All team members look over every new listing we have and comment accordingly. When hiring a Magain agent you honestly don't just get one person, you get the whole team!

Marketing Plan

My selling strategy is to leave no stone unturned, in other words, ensure we reach every buyer with the criteria that matches your home. When listing a property I always discuss with the vendors what the most important thing to them is when selling their home. There are many answers to this but the most common answer is they want the best price for their home, ideally in a short period of time. To ensure we get the most for your home in the current market we must reach the most/best buyers. To do this, I like to take the following steps:

1) Stay on page 1 of your suburb on at all times (stats say only 33% of people go to page 2 - that's only 1 in 3!).

(2) Ensure we use suitable amounts of both internet (including social media) and newspaper marketing, as well as quality sign boards, property brochures etc

(3) Always use professional photography. If a photo is not going to help buyers want to see your property at an inspection then we don’t put it up, sometimes less is more.

(4) Always have a floor plan listed, and ensure the presentation of your property is the best it can be before launch.

(5) I always reply to the buyers as quickly as possible, if the buyer thinks negatively about your agents customer service they will think negatively about your property.

If you don’t do these things you run the risk of getting lost in the market. Buyers that have been in the market for awhile only look at new properties coming onto the market and when this happens it is very hard to capture the markets full attention again which will affect your selling price.

My strategy is about making sure you don't get lost and to actually make your property stand out amongst the thousands of properties. I truly believe that if you just use standard marketing and make your property appear the same as all the others you will get an average price. By standing out you increase your chances of getting more buyers through your home, from competition comes great property prices.


"Jemma was by far the most personable, positive agent we had appraise our property and it was an easy decision to enlist her help to sell our property. Jemma brought a sound local knowledge base, was very clear in her communication, appraisal and summary of her services. She was positive yet realistic but also listened to our requests. Jemma was always available as a sounding board throughout the selling process - even when she was overseas on holidays! It was super refreshing to deal with some-one dedicated, professional and positive."

—Joh Robertson / Aldinga Beach

"I felt very comfortable with her approach and the way she confidently, yet naturally, explained her role within the company as well as the Magain group in general and what she believes the company as a group could offer me. Having bad experiences with tenants whilst the property had been rented and other agents when the property was on the market, I was hesitant and perhaps even a little abrupt when explaining my thoughts on agents in general... but to Jemma's credit she look it on the chin, explained what she could offer and suggested alternatives on how or what to do when the house is on the market."

—Brett Damnjanovic / Aldinga Beach

"Had an excellent experience selling our house. All went smoother than I had hoped for. Jemma was always willing and more than capable with anything given. She was positive from the start and has not yet waived. Thanks for making it a pleasant sale. Will most definately recommend Jemma. Thank you"

—Angie D'hotman / Sellicks Beach
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