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Jessica Felicia

Business Development Manager

Melbourne Real Estate - South Yarra, South Yarra, 3141

Melbourne Real Estate - South Yarra

12 Yarra Street, South Yarra, Victoria 3141
Agency Overview
We are an agency focused on providing outstanding service during the investment cycle. We help clients buy a property that is suitable for their investment needs, we then use industry best tools to achieve the highest rentals and have an award winning team of staff to ensure that the property is managed in a way that gives you confidence you are being looked after. We are not a sales agency with some property management staff bolted on, we are an agency concentrating on making ever dollar count when it comes to your investment.
Marketing Plan
When you need to find a new tenant, we set in process our “30 day leasing plan” – that’s what we call it but it’s not that rigid. For us, it’s certainly not as straight forward as just putting an advert on the internet.

It's about having a pricing strategy rather than just a hope and a prayer. We assess what is available on the market that compares with your property and the heat in the market, then decide on what we call a “Gold Price” - Gold meaning achieving it would be like winning a gold medal (high fives all round etc).

But setting the price is only one thing. There are a few other essential components;

Advert type – Every time the major portals ( and alter their structure, appearance or pricing we perform a complete assessment to ensure that we use the best value for money package to maximise impact and interest, to drive higher rentals and zero vacancy. We don’t make any profit on advertising so we are conscious that every dollar that is spent achieves the desired result. We make sure that your property starts on the very top of page one in search results on Whilst we advertise on 9 different websites, and generate 99% of enquiry – (77% and 22% respectively)

Professional Photos – all of our listings use professional photos because they work – we receive more clicks on the adverts and more enquiries – pictures of the common areas, gyms etc are essential and the main shot used is always the highlight of the property and very rarely the exterior. Quality photos of kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms are essential.

Video Tours – We want tenants to put your property on their shortlists so we do video tours to demonstrate exactly what the property is like. If they like the pics and video then they will definitely make time to come to the inspection. Take a look at one here.
Good written description – Even though fewer and fewer tenants actually read descriptions – there are still those that do – and especially those that are not familiar with locations, so details of proximity to parks, shops, markets etc is all important.

Book your own inspection time – We are all getting busier and busier so we have made it easier for tenants to inspect your property by using an online booking system. Tenants can choose their own day and time to inspect the property and we meet them there for a 1:1 inspection. This has been a game changer with leasing times down and hugely positive feedback from tenants who can’t get away from work or who work on Saturdays, finally being able to inspect your property at a convenient time. Tenants can spot your property at 11pm on their IPad and book an inspection for 6pm the next day and then we even send them reminders! We will show your property as often as required to secure you the best tenant, now.
Tenant Database – When tenants book an inspection for a property we capture their data and a bunch of other info that indicates what type of property that they are after. We then use that data to match your property to what they are looking for. We email and SMS any tenant that has inspected a property with the same number of bedrooms, within 5km and 10% of the rental of your new listing with an invitation to book in! They are all familiar with the booking process and it can lead to huge first inspection turnouts and “gold” results.

Online Applications – Tenants can apply online for your property within minutes of inspecting and are even sent links to application forms whilst they walk back to their cars!
So in essence, the process ensures that anyone in the market for a property like yours, will be:
• Able to find the listing or be emailed it
• Attracted to it
• Able to watch a complete video of it so there is no wasted time at the inspection
• Able to inspect at a time that suits them
• Reminded to come
• Provided with a thorough tour of the property
• Able to easily apply online

So, if after 10 or so days of the listing being live at the Gold price we still don’t have a tenant then we know that right now, the market is not supporting the price we wanted and it’s time to adjust to a “Silver” price point and hit the database again. Our advert package reverts to the “top spot” after 15 days so it’s essential we are trying something different by then. We repeat the process until we find the market price for the property.

We couldn’t be 100% confident in recommending price adjustments unless every part of the plan was in place. i.e. what if the tenant who was willing to pay the gold price on your property wasn’t able to make it to set inspection times? Or poor quality photos made the property look less attractive so it was overlooked?

So now for the latest innovations – Instant inspection reports.
From Saturday, when your property is being advertised for lease, after every prospective tenant inspection, you will receive a report on the inspection with details of attendees, feedback, and more. It will be sent by the team member who conducts the inspection, and your property manager will also receive a copy of the report and debrief of the inspection.
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