Joe Michael, Merrylands, 2160

Joe Michael


Laing & Simmons Merrylands, Merrylands, 2160

Laing & Simmons Merrylands

167 Merrylands Road, Merrylands, New South Wales 2160
Agency Overview
Laing+Simmons Merrylands offers knowledge and professionalism to all those who choose Laing+Simmons as their preferred agent.

Laing+Simmons Merrylands have proved themselves through their success rate in auction & project selling.

In this day and age, high standard of service is expected by the general public & should not have to be asked for. At Laing+Simmons Merrylands this is a standard requirement & keeps them ahead of the competition.

The professional team at Merrylands are able to achieve success in their local area over & over as they are respected by name and competitive by nature.

Laing+Simmons Merrylands are available for all your real estate needs:

Property Management
Project Marketing
Commercial & Industrial Management
Commercial & Industrial Sales
Marketing Plan
The market is extremely strong in this area and we envisage that the property would take no longer than between 1 day - 1 month to sell providing that your expectations are in line with the market place and what evidence we will produce for you to show you the current market value.
We are known to achieve record prices in not only this area but other surrounding areas. How? The property is not sold to the first offer that comes along, we filter through all enquiries and use our superior negotiation skills of over 30 years to obtain the highest possible price.This is a win win situation for you. Why? Because when we achieve record prices we obtain more business from surrounding owners and from any referrals given by you which are greatly appreciated.

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