Jonathan Eyles, Sutherland, 2232

Jonathan Eyles

Sales Manager

Highland Property Agents, Sutherland, 2232

Highland Property Agents

726 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland
New South Wales 2232
Agency overview

Knowledge of sales in the area;

This digs deeper than driving past a property and looking at what it sold for online. As a local area specialist, I am going to be able to fight for you to achieve a premium result as I am aware of the properties that have sold and are available on the market. Buyers are likely to have seen these homes. You will never win a negotiation battle unless you can point out the pros and cons of every home that has sold and that is currently on the market for sale.

The support of my team;

Since our office started we have always had a culture that all listings are shared between all 35 sales agents. Having compared our business model to that of a smaller office we can see how a home owner is limited with their reach in the marketplace by employing an agent with a small team and a culture that fails to allow their colleagues the opportunity to introduce buyers to all properties.


We as sales agents are not owners of the business meaning we are not responsible for or distracted by the day to day duties of running an office. Our sole focus is the listing and selling of real estate, our priority is providing honest and professional service to our clients.

Position in the market place;

Our office has over 80 homes for sale generating around 750 buyer inspections per week, from a database point of view, we struggle to see any other office in the Sutherland Shire having a relevant database of this proportion growing at this rate on a weekly basis. Yes, everyone has a database but it is important to understand that a database is only as good as the buyers in it.

Marketing Plan

Our marketing and selling approach is tailored to the client and their property. This is something I would go through with you personally.

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