Jonathon O'Donoghue, Camberwell, 3124

Jonathon O'Donoghue


O'Donoghues First National, Camberwell, 3124

O'Donoghues First National

269 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria 3124
Agency Overview
The purpose of any team is to combine the skills and abilities of the team members so that as a combination they can achieve far more than could be possible for them as individuals. While we regularly see this in sporting contexts and its application in corporate settings is widely recognised, it’s rare that the compatibility and success of a team is so effective and apparent as in the case of Jonathon and Alexandra.
Their personal attributes and professional abilities clearly complement each other in a way that creates overwhelmingly positive circumstances for clients to achieve the best possible result when selling their property.
They each have come from family backgrounds steeped in real estate traditions and both are highly motivated to make their own mark in a profession where performance is so clearly measured in levels of service and in terms of prices achieved.
Jonathon, who is a Licensed Estate Agent and an accomplished auctioneer, drives strategies designed to give each property the very best opportunity to arrive at a final sales figure that will provide vendors with the maximum freedom of choice to make their next real estate decision a rewarding one.
Alexandra, who has also gained the benefits of growing up in a family with a long-standing professional involvement in real estate, guides the sales campaign through all the steps and stages necessary if the desired outcome is to be attained. At all times, both Jonathon and Alexandra are working towards the successful conclusion.
Individually they are brilliant, together they are unbeatable. And the beneficiaries, of course, are their clients.
Marketing Plan
At O'Donoghues First National we believe very passionately about not spending our clients money to fill the pockets of advertisers. We have chosen to go down the digital marketing approach with all of our clients being advertised on as a premier listing and a priority listing on We will be advertising on other internet providers including Chinese websites. We use professional photographers and recommend the use of video in our advertising campaigns. Of course we will organize professional brochures and a board for the front of the property if applicable.
With regards to selling methods, we recommend either the Private Sale method or Auction method purely based on what our clients prefer and also what is correct for the property and what will help get the best possible price.
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