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Jordyn Ode, Kahibah, 2290

Jordyn Ode

Sales Consultant

Stone Real Estate, Kahibah, 2290

Stone Real Estate

5/3 Glebe Street, Kahibah, New South Wales 2290
Agency Overview
The Stone difference.
It's All About You
We don't try to fit our clients into a mould - we build our service around them. Our main focus is you, ensuring you're informed every step of the way so you have complete control over your property.
Our clients range from property investors with multiple investment properties to those buying or selling for the first time. We understand that the services we offer to each and every client have to be individual.
We are about the journey, not the transaction
We understand that selling a property is a complex and emotional process. For us it's not just about getting the property sold - we are there with you from start to finish, from helping get your property ready for sale to finding your next home and all of the details in between.
We go above and beyond expectations, organising services such as removalists, stylists, cleaners, landscapers and concierges to ensure that every need is looked after.
We are one team, not a team of individuals
Stone connections. In a traditional real estate office or franchise the buisness consists of one owner with teams of individual agents all working for their clients, individually. When we sell your home, our entire team carries it through all of their opens, to all of their buyers and through until the completion of the sale.
At Stone, you will find we do things differently to what you are accustomed to.
Marketing Plan
At Stone, you’ll find we do things differently, smarter and more efficiently.

We’re able to achieve great results, faster. With our up-to-the-minute database, we know where and who your current buyers are. We also look ‘further afield’ and find those outside your area with a view to moving in, resulting in more buyer competition and therefore increased sales prices.

 Our greater insights lead to a smarter marketing campaign. Rather than a ‘blanket’ approach, we streamline it specifically to your target audience. We’re also able to tailor it as we go along based on our weekly buyer statistics. So rather than a lump-sum payment upfront, you only spend what’s essential – and what works – on your marketing campaign, saving you valuable money.

With our wider network, sharper market-intelligence and aligned goals, our expert sales, marketing and customer-service teams work together to achieve the best result. We’re for prosperity across the board, and it’s why we do what we do, with transparency every step of the way.

At Stone, we don’t believe in a 'one size fits all' package. Our strategies are based on precise statistics, insightful data manipulation and emerging technologies, all of which enable us to deliver outstanding results.

This means we’re able to work out week-by-week which marketing channels are proving more successful than others and put our energies toward these rather than 'blanket coverage'. By adjusting your campaign as we go along, you'll also only pay on a weekly basis instead of handing over a hefty lump sum upfront. That’s no money wasted and complete transparency from us at all times.

And because we’re a group, we’re able to buy more cost-effective services – a savings advantage that we pass on to you. At Stone, it’s about maximising your marketing expenditure through purposeful ways, not simply spending it for spending’s sake.

Putting your home on the market means it needs to be seen in the best possible light.

At Stone, we take care of every little detail to ensure that not only will it gleam; it will also feel warm and inviting and make an emotional connection with buyers.

Our team will also keep you up-to-date as you progress through each step with timelines and key milestones, providing you with as much – or as little information – as you need.
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