Joseph Luppino, Yarraville, 3011

Joseph Luppino

Sales Executive

Village Real Estate, Yarraville, 3011

Village Real Estate

80 Charles Street, Yarraville, Victoria 3011
Agency Overview

Forget everything you’ve ever thought about real estate agents. Un-learn all those conventional beliefs and approaches to our profession. There is a better way. It starts with the people. It starts right now.

The first thing you need to know:

If you’re not happy with us,
you can leave at any time.
Forget everything you’ve ever thought about real estate agents.
Un-learn all those conventional beliefs and approaches to our profession.
There is a better way. It starts with the people. It starts right now.

The second thing you need to know:

No suits, no ties, no ego’s, no oversized
European cars in the street
(Except on Sundays)

Image can reflect an approach, and that perception can be reality.
It’s actually performance and results that only really matter.
After all, we’re people with families and bills to pay too.

The final thing you need to know:

Respect the old. Embrace the new.
It’s time for a new kind of Real Estate.
The time is long overdue, and we plan to play catch up.
We decided to be different. We just saw there was a better way to deal with people.
Not simply for the sake of it but because we knew the time had arrived.

The time to celebrate that bright and eclectic Village that brings people and the community together.

A place where people live, that’s where we live too, in the local Village.)
Marketing Plan
Recommended Method of Sale

When selling a property, we have three primary methods of sale choices:

The auction method is recommended for properties:
- Which are likely to encourage competitive bidding between
multiple buyers.
- Which are unique
- Where it is preferable to let the market determine a price rather
than pre-determining it prior to sale
- When it is important to have a set time frame to work with

Off Market
The off market method is recommended for properties:
- Which are unique.
- Which can be sold to our database or pre-registered and qualified buyers.
- When sellers would like a stress free sale.
- When sellers would like to pay no marketing fees.
- Where the privacy of the sale is important.

Private Treaty
The private treaty method is recommended for properties:
- Which are not unique and can be quite easily compared to other recent sales of similar properties in the area
- Where the asking price is clear and can be set as a guide
- Where marketing budgets are small

Marketing your home

We know how to attract the attention of buyers in a crowded market place.
Our marketing plan isn’t designed to just find you a buyer - it’s designed to find every possible buyer for your property.
Because every home is unique, your marketing campaign needs to be specifically tailored to suit your property and your needs. To achieve maximum impact we design highly targeted campaigns using professional photographers, floor planners and copywriters.
We have compiled a recommendation for what we believe to be the most effective combination of print media, websites, signboards, database marketing and brochures to showcase your property to perfection and to attract the maximum number of genuine buyers to your property.

Essential marketing elements

Melbourne’s leading property photographers will shoot an expansive selection of excellent quality digital photographs which are used for all our colour advertising and prints for distribution to support editorial coverage in magazines and newspapers.

Floor Plan
This computer generated reproduction allows prospective buyers to accurately recall your property layout after an inspection. The plan will include room dimensions and will also be loaded onto your property listing on the Village Website.

Professionally written copy and press release to communicate the salient features of your home to our targeted media contacts. Maximise the PR potential of your property and take advantage of the consistently high profile editorial generated by Village.

Property Brochures
High quality A4 double sided brochures to showcase your property with stunning high resolution images and professionally written text to communicate the outstanding features and the opportunity your property presents. To be distributed at open for inspections and to interested buyers.

Designed for maximum exposure, it delivers key information, the properties main selling benefits and an interior colour photograph allowing the sign to stand out.

Just Listed / Auction Invitations
Designed to notify local buyers of your sale as well as use the local network to attract their friends, family and co-workers who may be looking to move to the area.

Media marketing elements

Internet Marketing
The internet is rapidly becoming the most prolific property search tool with approximately 92% of buyers using is at some stage during the purchase process.
Our innovative web site is one of the most visited property sites in the area. Once on, your property will be emailed to all registered buyers in our database whose buying criteria match your home. &
When listed on our company site, your home will be automatically listed on and Property alerts are also sent out on all our properties.

Village Buyer Database
The Village database system provides you with the benefit of accessing thousands of people as soon as your property is listed. All of our offices are linked to one database and we are able to access buyers that other agents within the company have entered into this system.

Open for Inspection
We would recommend opening the property on Saturday and Wednesday or Thursday for 30 to 45 minutes, when the property receives the best light.
Any appointment outside the open times would only be requested once the buyer has been fully qualified and with giving you 24 hours notice prior.)

"Joseph sold two of my properties back to back, before auction for both of them, with minimum fuss and for a good result. I have been kept informed all along . Good service. Very much recommend him."

Sam / Williamstown

"Dealing with Joseph in our search for a house proved to be a hassle free experience. In seeking information and he gave us the attention we needed and conducted himself with patience and integrity. we have no hesitations in recommending Joseph."

Kevin And Beth / Williamstown

“Joseph Luppino was respectful and patient to wait until I was ready to sell. He was willing to answer my many questions even before I signed him up to be my agent. He was very encouraging by showing me examples of previous sales that no property is too had to sell. He kept me informed regularly, on the progress of the interest of buyers. We are delighted with the end result of the sale of Mum's house. Thank you Joseph and the team at Compton Green.”

Heidi / Yarraville
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