Joseph Sorgiovanni, Maylands, 6051

Joseph Sorgiovanni

Sales Consultant

Perth Realty Group, Maylands, 6051

Perth Realty Group

197 Guildford Road, Maylands
Western Australia 6051
Agency overview

Perth Realty Group along with its dedicated sales team and property management both in the residential and commercial comprises of individuals who aspire for second to none in customer service pre, during and post stages of property buying and selling process. I personally believe my buyer today is my seller in years to come

Marketing Plan

Every property has its own marketing niche with many different campaign styles. For example, a small home 3 bed 2 bath home situated within the a highly populated area and set amongst 4 and 5 bedroom homes could benefit from a "flanking" approach, whereby you highlight the weaknesses of the competitor using their weaknesses as your strengths.
Below I've listed just the basics of what I do behind the sense to determine the best strategy for each property I represent. Please note this is just a small sample of a much larger picture.

There's several factors when determining the strategy to market a property like:
Socio- Cultural Trends
This involves the understanding of cultural and demographic trends (both current and emerging) relevant to the business.
the population age structure.
the changing Australian family
changing role of women in society
the change in cultural values and subcultures

It's also important to understand the current trends within your environment such as:

Economic Trends
Economic forces in many cases, directly affect the size of the demand for a particular product because they dictate the customers' ability to purchase. Of concern would be the general economic conditions (prosperity, recession, depression and recovery stages), and consumer demand & spending patterns (affected by inflation rate, interest rate, availability of credit, confidence in the economy, etc
Customer Motivation & Unmet Needs
Customers must first enter the “need awareness” stage. We would have to know the customer’s motivations for this intended purchase, i.e., the set of needs that he or she is trying to satisfy. The customer may be looking for various product features and have a certain way of evaluating these features.

This involves attacking the opponent’s strengths rather than its weaknesses. A property may offer an alternative to the norm whereby a competitor's 4 bed 2 bath has the standard layout and design and the property you represent may have the same features but with a better functional layout etc

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