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ACPA Real Estate, Point Cook, 3030

ACPA Real Estate

C5/2 Main Street, Point Cook
Victoria 3030
Agency overview

About ACPA (All Connect Property Australia)


We are a boutique real estate agency in Point Cook, Melbourne, characterised by passion and energy. Our vision is to provide the ultimate real estate experience for our clients with our contemporary style and commitment to connect people with the right property. We strive to be the market leaders of the Melbourne property industry.
Whether you’re interested in buying, selling, renting or asset management, we’re continually discovering new and innovative ways to meet your specific needs.


Here at ACPA we never settle for second best. We’re always finding ways to improve our services to ensure excellence in everything we do.
Real estate is undoubtedly a competitive market but we believe we stand out because we are dedicated to providing a world-class real estate experience for every client.
We also believe in balancing work and life because it keeps our passion alive and serves our clients in the long run.


• Honesty

Always be honest and straightforward when we dealing with buyers and sellers.

• Respect

We believe it’s important for people to feel respected. This respect is essential when dealing with our clients but is also paramount during the sale of a property, to ensure adequate privacy.

• Teamwork

Working together towards a common goal serves everyone’s interests – it’s synergy in action. Approaching a sale or a purchase as a team effort benefits each person and guarantees a favorable result for everyone involved.

• Accountability

Accountability is a non-negotiable in any business, especially real estate. We pride ourselves on working efficiently, meeting deadlines and excellent communication.

• Learning
Learning never stops. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies and strategies to apply to our personal lives and our work.

Marketing Plan

We are a huge fan of online marketing when coming to sell your biggest asset.

Today’s world is full of marketing and advertising outlets and most of them are perpetually evolving; the internet, social media, and the like. The way your home is marketed will have a deep impact on its final sale price, so you should discuss your marketing plan in detail with your real estate agent. Simply sticking a “For Sale” sign in the front lawn and then running an ad in the Sunday paper for your open house, is not enough.

The goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. Increased exposure in the housing market will put your home in front of the greatest number of potential buyers. The larger your pool of buyers, the higher the likelihood you will field multiple offers. And, any time you receive multiple offers, you’re fostering an atmosphere where prospective buyers will offer their highest and best price in order to compete with other offers.

The most effective strategy is to run a promotional blitz as soon as your home hits the market. Let us explain each advertising option individually so you can understand their function, features and benefits to you.

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