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Liz McLean Property, Sippy Downs, 4556

Liz McLean Property

PO Box 7718 , Sippy Downs
Queensland 4556
Agency overview

Customer experience and service is the foundation of my business. As a boutique property specialist, I deliver an exceptional and unrivalled level of service, providing clear, accessible communication and strategic advice on residential sales and investment.

Choosing an agent to sell your property is an important decision. Here are 8 Reasons to why you should choose Liz McLean Property

1. Passion – I love all things real estate; whether it's luxury, potential or lifestyle. I believe I have the knowledge and passion to discover the unique selling features that will drive your property to its optimal selling price. I pride myself on my reputation of honest transparent communication and integrity in all my transactions.

2. People Skills – I have for over two decades been providing my clients with the very finest personal service and achieving outstanding sales results in all market.

3. Personalised Service - Your property deserves more than a little attention. Some agents believe they can juggle ten to twenty properties at once. While it’s profitable for them, it’s probably not an approach that will bring you great results. Doing things well takes time and to give your property a deserved level of attention, I strictly limit the number of listings I take on. Typically I deal with a small number of properties at any time. By doing so, I ensure each of my clients is kept fully informed, that every opportunity is pursued and that ultimately the best price is attained.

4. Personal Motivation to succeed - The success of my business is upto me - It’s refreshing to know just who you are dealing with. Most real estate agencies are hectic places and getting hold of your agent, their assistant or someone who knows just what’s going on can be a trying experience. I work as a dedicated one person operation, meaning when you call I pick up the phone, you get me. When you speak to me you have my undivided attention and when it’s time to negotiate a sale you have someone with years of experience on your side.

5. Negotiable Commission – Commissions were deregulated in 2014 but most Queensland agents are still charging an average of 2.8% of the sale price. Real Estate has changed over the past decade or so but I still see agents doing it the same old way, I believe at the detriment to their property owners. Buyers habits and how they engage with real estate has changed over the past two decades I have been an agent I want to change with that. When working with Liz McLean Property, we offer a fixed rate commission. Being a small boutique I can keep my overheads to a very minimum, there are no fancy offices, company cars, award nights and promotional fan fair. I know what works and what does not work. - I want to pass theses savings onto you.

6. Dollar Cost Effective Marketing - Make your marketing dollars count. Nowhere is agent’s integrity as important as when it comes to the responsible use of your marketing budget. Needless expenses can cost you opportunity and tens of thousands of dollars. We preserve your marketing investment and optimise the use of your advertising funds, providing cost-effective, state-of-the-art marketing options where your marketing dollar work the hardest.

7. Feedback – working with a boutique firm like Liz McLean Property you are ensured of instant and transparent feedback. Liz McLean Property uses the last technology to instantly chase customer feedback which will be passed onto you – undoctored. I am here to give advice on the meaning of the feedback and work on a strategy based on this feedback.

8. We will provide clean feedback in three key areas, Price/Presentation and Suitability of your property from every single client that inspections your property. If we receive a positive review we will automatically chase up a 2nd viewing or offer.

9. Experience Equals Results – As the Principal of Liz McLean Property you will know your sale will be handled by an experienced fully licenced agent, I have been a fully licensed agent for over two decades I also hold full licences in VIC, NSW and NT.

When you appoint Liz McLean Property you can rest assured you are working with an experienced realestate professional – not a junior assistant. We have an in-depth knowledge of the market, expert client management skills and the ability to negotiate outstanding results.

My Philosophy, Vision and Mission

My Philosophy is very simple. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. With courtesy, respect and sincerity. No games, no double-speak, just hard work and property expertise.

Nowhere is trust as important as in property dealings. Through transparent consultative approach, I work hard to deliver what I promise to my clients and accept responsibility for the result of my professional actions.

My Vision is to develop and build a real estate business that provides a high level of personal service. I want to deliver exceptional service and strive to earn the status of a trusted real estate professionals recognised for delivering outstanding results and customer service excellence.

My Mission is to work hard to achieve the best outcome for my clients and to consistently elevate the standard of my work by constantly learning and fine tuning my skills. I want to change the way realestate agents are viewed and provide a level of service that exceeds my clients expectations.

I understand this is a big step for you and rest assured I will be there every step of the way to provide you with advice and help you get a great sale price.

Marketing Plan

I take the time to understand your individual needs so I can help you achieve your goals when you sell your property. Real estate has evolved over the past decade, having worked in this industry for more than 20 years I know what works and what does not work.

I do the majority of my marketing online; this is by far the most cost-efficient and effective method of marketing. I strongly believe most print advertising and other advertising mediums were not measurable, non-targeted, ineffective and expensive! Having over 20 years experience in the industry, and seeing the changes I understand the power and importance of the world wide web.

If you are looking for an experienced agent that is going to give you that one on one boutique agency experience give me a call and we can have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

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