Lora Lagamba, Newport, 3015

Lora Lagamba

Sales Consultant

Barlow McEwan Tribe, Newport, 3015

Barlow McEwan Tribe

344 Melbourne Rd, Newport
Victoria 3015
Agency overview

Established in 1885,
Lora Lagamba is a professional representing Barlow McEwan Tribe Newport. If you'd like to discuss your property with Lora, contact 0402 827 224

Whether you’re selling your family home, investing in property or looking to develop your property , it is important that you select a partner with experience, reputation, integrity , enthusiasm and proven success. Above all, you need a professional like myself, who will take the time to listen and understand your real estate aspirations and help you achieve your goals. At Barlow McEwan Tribe, we’re dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our clients and achieving outcomes that meet your personal goals, not only in financial terms but also in terms of quality of life. Our extensive knowledge of the property market, enables us to offer the best resources and up-to-date information, to ensure our clients achieve excellent results, regardless of market conditions. No-one will work harder to help you achieve the real estate results you expect. With a warm welcome, helpful advice and an attitude of genuine partnership, we invite you to experience the difference our exclusive agency can offer.

Marketing Plan

We start with a detailed and thorough appraisal of your property. Using our experience and market intelligence, we’ll recommend a realistic market price.

We’ll present our appraisal in writing, along with our success fee and the marketing options we recommend to maximise your price within a suggested period.

We’ll recommend one of three marketing methods.

Private treaty: The property is introduced to the market at a fixed price, price range, or a “from” price. Buyers then negotiate on or from these prices. This is by far the most common way houses are sold in Western Australia.

Auction: No price is stipulated to the market and an auction date is set. Buyers bid competitively on the day, under the terms set by the sellers – eg. the amount of deposit. Bids must be on a cash unconditional basis, so unlike the offer and acceptance system, the deal is far less likely to fall over.

Auctions produce excellent results when we believe there will be strong demand for the property and /or the price would be difficult to determine. On many occasions the sale price exceeds the vendor’s expectation due to the competitive nature of the bidding.

Expressions of Interest: Another way of offering your property for sale without a price is through the process of ‘Expressions of Interest’. We run a high profile marketing campaign and all buyers may submit an offer prior to a closing date for acceptance or further negotiation. The sellers have the option to accept, reject or counter any offers during the campaign. These offers can be cash, subject to finance or subject to sale.

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