Mark Patton, Gladstone, 4680

Mark Patton


Raine & Horne Gladstone Central, Gladstone, 4680

Raine & Horne Gladstone Central

60 Goondoon Street, Gladstone, Queensland 4680
Agency Overview
Raine and Horne Gladstone offers over 30 years in business in the Gladstone Region, ensuring we offer unrivalled local knowledge and experience.
When it comes to our values and office culture, we operate like a big family with an ethos based on integrity, empathy and compassion. This ethic has created a sense of belonging and caring, which transpires into staff satisfaction that helps us achieve better results for our clients. Our values set us apart from the competitors.
Currently our office command in excess of 20% market share for the past quarter.
Marketing Plan
We recommend that your property be sold by the way of AUCTION, which offers the following advantages:
Best price: Competitive bidding may achieve a sale price in excess of the reserve. Highest chance of a successful sale: Research shows that over 87% of homes sell within the agency period. Immediate exchange of contracts: When a buyer purchases at auction, the contract is signed unconditionally and 10% deposit (or nominated amount) is payable. Buyers know they are in a competitive situation: There is pressure on buyers to make a good pre-auction offer rather than miss out on the day. Intensive promotional campaign: It is designed to highlight the property to attract the maximum numbers of buyers. Less disruption to family: With a shorter selling period, auctions can be more convenient. Reserve price: The property cannot be sold below the reserve price without the approval of the vendor. No cooling-off period: The contract cannot be rescinded by the purchaser. Specified auction date: Creates a sense of urgency.
Whilst this may not the vendors preferred method of sale we would be pleased to offer the property to the market via private treaty.

To whom it may concern,

I have known Mark Patton, principal of Raine & Horne Gladstone, for over 9 years. In that time I have had the pleasure of working closely with him on sporting club committee’s overseeing major infrastructure upgrades along with other business transactions. In all these endeavours I have found Mr Patton to be of good character and have no hesitation recommending him to colleagues.


Andrew Bauer | Owner Manager| Gladstone Central |
BOQ ...It's Personal | 57-63 Dawson Hway Gladstone Qld 4680 |
t: 07 4979 6280 | 0448446436 | f: 07 4979 6290 | e: |

Andrew Bauer / Bank of Qld - Owner/Manager


We act as the Accountants, Business Advisors and Financial Planners for Mark Patton and his related entities.

I am able to confirm that Mark is in a strong financial position and he manages his business both efficiently and effectively.

I can also confirm that he and his team conduct the business to high ethical standards.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neville Hughes FCPA


Neville Hughes Fcpa / GTC Fiancial Pty Ltd - Director

I have known Mark Patton for a period of 5+ years.

I met Mark in my capacity as General Manager of the Gladstone Newspaper Company (The Gladstone Observer) and I have had many business dealings with Mark in his role as Principal of Raine & Horne Real Estate Gladstone.

I've found Mark to be fair, extremely approachable and with the highest level of business integrity, and of genuine character.

He is successful businessman based on his work ethic and open style of management.

Outside work, Mark and I have developed a personal friendship and I enjoy his company.

I'm happy to provide this character reference for Mark.

I can be contacted for further comments, should the need arise.


Carl Carter
Business Manager
Cooper McKenzie Marketing

0418 588 693

Carl Carter / Business Manager Cooper McKenzie Marketing
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