Marvin Wong, Springwood, 4127

Marvin Wong


Trent Simpson

Senior Sales Executive

Chris Wong

Senior Sales Executive

About Arena Property Agents

Arena Property Agents has one goal, to hold your hand and show you the most innovative way to market your property so that the campaign attracts the most number of interests to your property. This in turn creates social proof of demand, promotes a sense of demand and competition, thus increasing the perception of value in the eyes of the buyers. All the strategies are designed to effectively remove any doubt of underselling one's property because you are involved with the process and you will know exactly what is going on at every turn. Anyone can claim to 'be the best', but can they prove to you the processes and the reasons behind it. Let us show you how simple it is. Its usually the simplest things, done right, that separates the experts from the rest.

Team size
5 members
Sales types
Auctions, Fixed date, Off market
Languages spoken
English, Cantonese

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Our marketing strategy

If anyone tells you they have a large database of buyers... drop them immediately. In today's technological era, no agents has any control of the buyers anymore. If they say they do, they have started with lie. It may not be intentional, but it is done because they thing that is what you want to hear. Gone are the days when buyers approach an agent to find them a property. Instead, they scroll the internet and other mediums to find what they life, and based on that, they then get in touch with the agent to inspect the property for real. It is a 2 tier inspection process. Understanding that alone, is the first step to be able to build a campaign specifically designed to win the buyers attention at the first tier of inspection. Combining that with a skilled sales person who can read the play, execute solid negotiation...

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Digital solutions I offer

Online auctions
Virtual open homes
3D tours of properties
Virtual appraisals

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