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Agency overview

At O'Brien Real Estate Cranbourne we believe that real estate is about relationships and working closely with our landlords to achieve the best result possible. Respecting your situation is always our priority.
Achieving landlords expectations is what drives us. We respect that timing is always a crucial element to making a decision to lease a property. Our agents will endeavor to guide and educate around the best time to market a property to achieve the best result but ultimately the decision with timing rests with you.. our Landlord.

Real Estate Business Awards (REB) - Ranked #9 Nationwide

Marketing Plan

O’Brien Real Estate is totally committed to offering our clients the most professional highly trained sales team within the Casey/Cardinia area, available all hours ready to service your needs! Our clients are our focus; we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and making your next real estate experience the most satisfying experience possible! That’s our commitment, that’s our difference…experience the difference today!!

- Video - overhead Drone Photography/Video/Agent Walkthroughs
- Strong with with Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
- Domain/ REA

Just wanted to say thank you firstly for the opportunity to present and discuss the possible sale of your home. I understand the decision to sell isn’t always an easy one so I would love the opportunity and feel privileged to have the opportunity to help you.
Every vendor wants a successful sale at the best possible price, in the shortest space of time, and with the minimum of fuss. Despite many agents promising to achieve a particular price, the role of an agent in the process is not to determine the price. Their role is to generate maximum interest in the property and draw out genuine buyers who then compete with each other on price. When an agent is a good marketer of property, this is how the vendor will get the best result possible in the marketplace at the time of sale.
I once again would love to stress the importance in quality of our marketing and the passion and knowledge I possess in regards to presentation. I’m not comfortable in miss-marketing a property and not presenting it right because we only get one chance to do this right. If I can be any assistance in helping prepare and stage the property I’m more than willing.
However what I have learnt is that too many people make their decisions on costing and not necessarily who they think the best person is for the job, this generally leading to them walking away with less in the pocket as by sacrificing the quality of the agent and the marketing will lead to sacrificing on the sale price or may even lead to not selling at all.
(Below is an example of a home I recently prepared and the importance of the process to maximise the property value because that’s what my goal is)

However what I have learnt is that too many people make their decisions on costing and not necessarily who they think the best person is for the job, this generally leading to them walking away with less in the pocket as by sacrificing the quality of the agent and the marketing will lead to sacrificing on the sale price or may even lead to not selling at all.

Points of Difference at O’Brien Real Estate
Open For Inspections:
We are still the only company consistently opening homes on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s this allowing us to meet more buyers. And by having a unique cross selling technique we have found our Narre Warren Office and Berwick Office, Frankston Office, Chelsea Office, Pakenham Office, Endeavour Hills Office are meeting buyers with high spending capacity and getting them in competitive bidding situations
As the current market is situated at the moment and after researching the features and benefits of the home now that I have seen inside it, it would be expected that you may receive offers in and around $ 350,000 and think it would be a great result if as close to the $350,000 was achieved but expect buyers could place offers anywhere from the above range. We would want to gain the most interest and buyer activity with the intentions of pushing price as high as possible up. Remember our role as an agent is to achieve the very most that we can in the marketplace for your home. Ultimately buyers will suggest what the property’s value is and its only worth what someone is willing to pay with the addition of the right process the can be more through emotions, and my job is to get the highest offers and then present them to you to make the decisions whether to sell or not.
Purchasers more than ever with the addition of high quality photos, video presentations, 3D site and floor plans and print media campaigns are becoming more emotionally involved in the negotiation process as we are keeping top of mind top of presence through all different mediums. This has led us meeting more buyers every weekend at all our properties presenting more offers to our vendors and ultimately our vendors selling for a higher price.
A higher quality more professional marketing package leads to the buyer’s impression of the home being high quality there for they assume it will cost more to buy. By being more frequent and extending marketing in places like the herald sun we can reach more people, leading to the possibility of a higher price.
Furthermore I will confirm that we can tailor make a marketing package that our vendor feels comfortable but still feel confident it would find the right buyer.
• What is database? It’s a list of all the buyers that were met who’ve been going through homes we’ve had on the market that are just like yours. The more homes we’re sold the better our database. The blue print database is unique in that all of the offices across the network enter in all the buyers that we meet that’s an Obrien’s point of difference
• Internet- what determines whether you look into a property or not? Quality of photography will determines if buyers turn up. Nice night shot with entertaining area would look fantastic
• Newspaper- Everyone looks to make sure they haven’t missed anything on the internet and allows us to give the property presence, un-researched buyer can pay up to 10% would that interest you?
• Signage- We feature the very best photo of the property on the signboard so that we sell the best feature and benefit of the home from the board, and now the neighbours know the market some come the first open for inspection those buyers assume the neighbours as buyers increasing their own fear of loss, because we all want something that other people want.
• Brochure- isn’t it funny how some cars worth $20,000 have a better brochure than a $500,000 property we have extensive 4 page brochures because when someone likes the property and they take it to the workplace or show friends and family we need to present our brochure in a classy way because if we don’t the buyers may go cold.

• Some of my competitors will come in and look very cheap to you, offering a cheap marketing product and campaign and some may even include it in their fee or suggest not going to the newspaper. Therefore reducing the marketing and then our reach and frequency and ultimately the buyers coming through the home. Having sold many properties for people in the exact same situation including my parents I understand the importance of getting every last dollar.
• Remember to take into consideration same agents will do very cheap commission to try and win your business but this doesn’t mean that you will save money in fact generally speaking it can cost you more if they can get offers that your willing to accept or not because they have had to reduce their fee because they possible aren’t in demand from the consumer or a risky option.
In the marketing proposal the cost for print media is bundled so for example on the second page outlining Cranbourne associated costs it would be $296 for both one week as a quarter pages in the local paper as well as a module in the Herald Sun.

I am confident that no other real estate office in your area is better placed to secure the best exposure for your property. As the consistent results leader, O’Brien Real Estate keeps setting new standards of professionalism and service that most other offices can only struggle to emulate.
I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity to work as your agent of choice it would be a privilege. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0416 638 019

Matthew Dewan


I am writing this letter in appreciation of the professionalism shown to me all the time by Bec and Nicole of Obrien r-estate in Cranbourne.

I came to them in June after having nothing but unprofessional problems from l.j.hooker Cranbourne.
L.j hooker never have time for there landlords as they are so over worked and under staffed.
They are always in a hurry to get off the phone and I was always chasing them when rent wasn't paid.
And I mean always. The rental dept just couldn't get there act together ever.

They never told me of any problems with the houses at open for inspections and 1 house was vacant for 4 months until I went down there and sore for myself why they couldn't get tenants. The place was uninhabital.
I ended up telling them there job why I couldn't get a tenant, which I found poor service.

My two propertys are: 12 Yaltara close, Cran West and 22 Gipps cres Cran North.

With Obrien rental at Cranbourne, they are always on top any problems of my rental

—Paul Joseph / Cranbourne
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