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Residence Estate Agents, Kleinton, 4352

Residence Estate Agents

9 Lockyer Street, Kleinton, Queensland 4352
Agency Overview
Residence Estate Agents is boutique real estate agency.
With our unique modern upbeat style and total passion for connecting people with property, we aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer. We are not confined by traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to buying, selling, renting or asset management, instead we are always finding new and innovative ways to satisfy our clients’ needs and be at the forefront of the Toowoomba Regions property market
Marketing Plan
The following steps would be followed when the decision is made to place your property on the market. Firstly, qualified buyers would be introduced that are in the appropriate price range to your property from our own list of active buyers and also by using a pre-launch app called ‘B4’. This app is the latest live-listing technology which brings properties to market the instant they are available. It allows qualified buyers to view your property prior to the formal marketing campaign release. There have been some great premiums achieved this way as it allows buyers to become emotionally connected to the property before launch to the open market.

The next step is to arrange professional photography. Residence Estate Agents have our own unique photographic style with Matt Edwards our Media Operator. This is a great point of value for our clients as a large number of other agencies are using the same photographer, the result is that a large number of online listings in the current market have the same photographic ‘look’.

Once your property has been photographed the ‘For Sale’ signboard will be erected and the property will be released online. Residence Estate Agents market your property on 14 websites, including,,, & 8 others,to form part of your package.

Ideally, your property would be launched online for at least a week before the first open home. Our aim is to get as many buyers as possible to the open home to create ‘social proof’ that your property is in demand, meaning that if they do not make a decision, they will miss out.

Residence Estate Agents use an advanced Client Management System which connects to devices such as an iPhone and/or iPad which will be utilised while running the Open House. Within 5 minutes of the Attendee arriving the system will send a text message which includes photos, floor plans, a copy of the contract, building and pest documents if applicable and a survey for the Attendee to complete giving us an immediate insight of their thoughts and views. In addition to this technology all properties receive directional signage, open home flags and cold bottled water for potential buyers. All open homes and private inspections are complimented by a professionally printed 4 page brochure with all relevant property details including floor plan, site plan and council rates. As a point of difference to make the inspection of your home their most memorable we supply all potential buyers a reusable eco shopping bag with your marketing brochure and some mints.

There are a number of different marketing options that can be tailored to suit your needs and circumstances to ensure that your property is exposed to as many buyers as possible. The aim is to achieve a premium price whilst making sure your marketing campaign provides excellent value for money.
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