Melanie Carmody, Dover Gardens, 5048

Melanie Carmody


Robin Hood Real Estate, Dover Gardens, 5048

Robin Hood Real Estate

1 Vinall Street, Dover Gardens
South Australia 5048
Agency overview

Robin Hood Real Estate is an agency with a conscience that prides itself on its market knowledge, professionalism and honesty.
We offer a fresh and honest approach and extraordinary service levels that will inspire and guide you regarding all aspects of property sales, purchase and investment. Based in Adelaide, born in the country - we have a unique understanding and diverse knowledge of both city and country real estate. So if your property is anywhere in South Australia we can help you. Through collaboration with industry professionals, strategic partnerships and data driven insights we are able to offer you affordable services and customised packages that will deliver results that move you.

Marketing Plan

Selling: Our aim is simply to achieve the highest price possible in the shortest time frame. Our marketing strategies encourage competition and urgency in the market place and we negotiate with respect for all parties. Our communication is transparent and our advice and feedback timely and honest. Our decisions are based on fact and not opinions. We believe that there are only 2 main reasons why property doesn’t sell. Firstly, it is under marketed or secondly, it is overpriced. If buyers truly know about the property, its features and benefits, and the price is right – it will
sell. Only then will we know that we have done our job. $1,000 is donated to your chosen charity

Renting: We manage your property as if it is our own. We believe that successful property management requires communication, effort and respect from all parties. We encourage landlords to meet their tenants and inspect their properties with us if they wish to. Our inspections are not seen as a way of checking up on the tenant but more importantly as a regular opportunity to inspect your asset from a maintenance point of view. Our tenants are always treated with respect and acknowledged for outstanding tenancy in regard to property condition and prompt rental payments. The equivalent of 1 weeks rent is donated to our landlord's chosen charity.

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