Michelle Griffin, Sunnybank, 4109

Michelle Griffin

Business Development Manager

Coronis, Sunnybank, 4109


Suite205-206 Time Square 250 McCullough Street, Sunnybank, Queensland 4109
Agency Overview
At Coronis we do property management differently. In our office, we have a team of 5 looking after you: Ashleigh McKinnon, our team leader extraordinaire, the Senior Property Manager, Arna Rodenburg, plus our two Assistant Property Managers, Lauren Coote and Tasha Hibble, and myself. We work closely as a team with Ashleigh, Arna and their assistants covering the general property management tasks which include but are not limited to rent collection, maintenance, lease renewals and letting. As the Business Development Manager I look after new business, sustaining client relationships and assisting investors with their property portfolios. This team relationship has seen our clients experience a strong and consistent level of customer service that is currently not on offer by any other agent in our area.

As Coronis is Queensland’s largest independent real estate agency we have 23 offices spanning across South East Queensland. With property management services being offered from most of these offices we have a combined portfolio of over 7,000 properties. For our clients this is greatly beneficial. This means that we have over 7,000 sets of tenants who rent through us and generally come to us first when they are looking to relocate and so we can direct them to the properties that we have coming up for rent. For this reason we have the lowest vacancy rate of any agency in Queensland.

Being part of a large family of offices also means that there are strict processes and procedures in place when it comes to managing our client’s properties. The processes that our property management team follow have been tried and tested and are developed by our property management director and co-ordinators, who have a combined experience in excess of 50 years.
Marketing Plan
We work very proactively and use a number of different strategies and cutting edge technology to ensure your property is leased quickly and smoothly. Our excellent professional photography ensures your property stands out from the rest whilst being very affordable. This has been proven to attract more interest online and get your property leased faster. We use all the major real estate portals and a large number of smaller sites, as well as advertising your property right across the Coronis network of 23 company owned offices to spread the "net" as far and wide as possible to capture the greatest audience we can to let them know about your property. In the back end, we use new software that allows tenants to book viewings on demand so we can ensure we are getting the most traffic through open homes Our lease review and renewal procedure also ensures we know well in advance if your tenants are moving out so we can advertise well in advance and have your new tenant lined up ready to go in most instances, minimising your vacancy time. Each tenant is then screened through a strict process that ensures they will be suitable for your property, and then it's over to you, the owner, to make the final decision on each applicant.
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