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Southgate Real Estate, Mclaren Vale, 5171

Southgate Real Estate

178 Main Road, Mclaren Vale
South Australia 5171
Agency overview

For over 40 years Southgate Real Estate has remained the most experienced, proficient and successful seller of property in its areas of operation. Southgate is unique in its receipt of formal recognition by the Prime Minister’s Office, South Australian State Government and the Real Estate Institute for its multi-award winning Team’s history and ability to deliver outstanding real estate sales results, services and experiences to South Australian property owners.
Southgate is a proudly South Australian owned and operated business.

Southgate Director and Senior Property Sales Consultant, Mike Cross has been an integral part of Southgate’s amazing 40 year success story and is renowned in South Australia’s real estate industry as one its top performer’s particular with respect to land sales.

Prior to commencing a career in real estate with Southgate in 1992, Mike gained invaluable insights into the land division development and planning during his career in the surveying industry. This knowledge has been well applied at Southgate were as the company’s principal land division specialist he has been instrumental in the development and planning of a large number of local subdivisions.

Mike’s customers enjoy the unique benefits of an unparalleled combination of extraordinary sector knowledge, helpful industry relationships, valuable advice and excellent results.

Marketing Plan

Our professional discipline, area knowledge, award winning training regime and industry leading practises are renown for taking into account many factors commonly overlooked by inexperienced, non-specialist or non-local agencies and agents to give you the best possible sale price, terms and timeframe within the budget allowed.
The fee’s quoted in this response include listing on Realestate.com.au plus multiple other real estate search sites, brochures, Sign, Professional Photography, Floorplan, Administration, Buyer Prospecting, Database Buyer Match & Call, 5x5x10 Campaigns, Local Letter Box promotion of your property, Professional Rental Rate and Investment Market Assessment, Window promotion at multiple offices, Certificate of Title a 100% Service Guarantee, services from Ten cross- selling agents and much more

Please note Realestate.com.au and other third party providers engaged in the delivery of services may charge different rates for different regions, e.g. regional locations. As such subject to your property's location quoted rates may vary upward or downward. Once you advise you property's location we will be able to confirm costs for your area.

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