Nga Nguyen, Moonah, 7009

Nga Nguyen


Area Specialist, Moonah, 7009

Area Specialist

13 Springfield Ave, Moonah
Tasmania 7009
Agency overview

At Area Specialist Moonah, we strive to achieve the highest possible price for our home owners, along with the best marketing your money can buy. We also offer EVERY salesperson in the industry an opportunity to SELL YOUR HOME. At Area Specialist "Sell with us, SOLD by ALL"

Marketing Plan

Day 1: Professional photography and floorplans

Day 3: Review of photos and floorplan, ready for launch on all portals and design of ads.

Day 4: Order photo for sale signboard featuring the best photo and selection for the mercury property guide (optional) for the following week with open homes advertised.

Day 5: Typically a Friday, launch the property on to and all other portals with the open home time advertised for the following week.

Office Location