Nick Moraitis, Newtown, 2042

Nick Moraitis


LJ Hooker, Newtown, 2042

LJ Hooker

144 King Street, Newtown
New South Wales 2042
Agency overview

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to discuss the potential sale of your property at Erskineville, I would ideally prefer to sit down and discuss face to face with you.

Selecting an agent is not always an easy decision and we totally understand that however the right agent can help you secure the strongest possible result and to do that effectively they require the help of strategic differences to ensure the right buyer is found.

Below are a few of our differences that will enhance your chances of securing a premium result and finding the very best buyer:

• Superior service levels. You will personally deal with me during your entire process.
• Extensive market knowledge - this helps me educate buyers during the sale process with factual evidence.
• Extensive buyer database specific to your neighbourhood.
• My average days on market are half that of our competitors, this means I will achieve a premium price for you in less time than anyone else. (21days)
• Our team is the most experienced in the Inner City area with a 30 year track record
• Buyer centric marketing, we have a team working on every piece of marketing that goes into the market place to ensure it is easy for buyers to absorb and is the very best it can look and feel.
• A distinct communication strategy that helps you stay totally connected to your sale every step of the way, allowing you to feel more comfortable during the entire process.
• I’m trained in the area of negotiation. Your agent needs to have strength in this area to help protect your price and help you establish the very best of result.

Basically we just work harder!!!

Marketing Plan

Marketing plays a big part in selling your home - please see a break down on what strategies we follow to ensure we get you that one step closer to achieving a premium result for your home.

Professional Photography - $580
Our photography pack includes anywhere up to 10 photos (our photographer will take as many photos as you want of your property and we are allowed up to 10 to advertise) most companies will allow 5-6. With your particular property this will be necessary as there is 3 levels that all have something different to offer. Alongside the photos we have the floor plan plus on site copy writing for the internet/papers as if we were to write it, it would look like a dogs breakfast. This is a one off cost of $580 and is an absolute must for the campaign as you would understand. Please see attached examples of Professional photos, floor plan & copywriting.

LJ Hooker Magazine - $200
This magazine represents great value for money. Every week 2000 of these magazines are distributed to every LJ Hooker franchise in the Inner West (13 offices in total). The beauty of this is your property will be in the magazine and handed out at every LJ Hooker open home in the inner west which gives you exposure to a lot more buyers out there. This is a one off cost of $200. Please see a copy of an LJ Hooker magazine below. (this is for 3 consecutive weeks)

Premium Internet Package - $3,130 – Premier Property 45 days (this is the highest and longest placement available on real – This feature allows your property to refresh every 14 days back to the top of the search engine for your suburb

An e-brochure is also emailed out to the Real buyer database – Domain Elite Property 4 weeks (this is the highest and longest placement available on – This feature allows you stay on the top of the search engine for the 4 week period of your auction campaign

An e-brochure is also emailed out to the buyer database

As you would appreciate these are the two standout websites for the sale of residential homes in Australia.

LJ Hooker – Free

LH – Free

I have attached the additional web portals for you – these are also free of charge

Auctioneer - $550
This is going under the assumption you would like to auction the property (personally I would say you’re crazy if you didn’t, you would be doing a disservice to yourself). Our in-house Auctioneer is Ben Mitchell. Ben has been an auctioneer for 15+ years and has called over 800 auctions, the major upside with Ben is that he has also been a Sales Agent so understands the whole sales process and knows how to read the play with buyers. Most auctioneers can’t relate as they have only ever been an auctioneer and not sold any homes personally. This is a one off cost of $550 and plays a very big part in the campaign, as you will see on auction day.

Administration Fee - $200
We outsource all of our marketing to a company so they can put it together for us in a consistent and presentable manner, this is a one off cost of $200 as that is what we get charged for this service.

A4 Brochures - $240
As you know, going into an open home the first thing you ask for is a brochure for the property. Our A4 brochures allow up to 4 photos of your property with all the information + a full size coloured floor plan printed on the back. This is a one off cost of $240 which provides us with 200 brochures, we distribute these at every open home along side extra information about the property (free of charge). We put all this information inside our LJ Hooker magazine and it is handed to each buyer as soon as they come through the door. Please see attached an example of an LJ Hooker brochure. You would agree that this is obviously a necessity when selling your property.

DL Cards - $360
Please see attached our DL cards. At a one off cost of $360, this gives you 2000 DL cards printed and delivered to your surrounding streets/suburbs. I understand that you may receive these and throw them straight into the trash however it represents great value, neighbours see this and may have someone they know who would be interested or may even be interested themselves. This is not detrimental to your campaign however we would always recommend it. The more people that see your home the better. A great case study is we once sold a $3,000,000 property and the buyer first saw the property from one of our DL cards.

Signboard - $505
Every property that is on the market has a signboard placed at the front. This is a one of cost of $505 and is a 6x4 illuminated signboard. The great thing about this is there are many people that will drive past your home and notice your property is on the market, this again gives you more exposure and can capture someone who isn’t actively looking to purchase. During the night the signboard is lit up and basically sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyone who is in the street or driving past will notice this immediately. This gives you exposure to the home throughout the whole day & the night. Please see attached an example of an LJ Hooker signboard. Also a must for the campaign as you would appreciate.

Window Card - $25
Our office is basically in the heart of Newtown, we are located at 144 King Street (opposite Missenden Road). We provide an A3 illuminated Window Card which is placed at the front of our office. As you would know King Street is one of the busiest locations in Sydney, especially during the night everybody walking past will notice any property we have advertised at the front as they are lit up, you can’t miss it. This is a one of cost of $25 and represents great value. Please see attached an example of our window cards.

LJ Hooker Newtown weekly E-Brochure - Free
We have 7000 qualified buyers that are looking to purchase and are finance approved. We send an email out to our database in regards to your property, this is sent at the start of the campaign and right before the auction. This a free of charge service and brings a lot more attention to your property.

Everything I have listed above is basically a start up package and a standard marketing campaign. In the next box you will published media, these are your optionals.

Inner West Courier – Half page one off cost of $1,956 or full page one off cost of $3,639 (optional)
I’m not sure what you think about the paper, we understand that it is not as popular as it once was as internet has taken over, however The Inner West courier gets distributed to 52,000 homes in the Inner West. Your property will be in here for 3 consecutive weeks and as you can imagine it gets exposed on a much larger scale. Again, we do not push this as it is personal preference, what I will tell you though is I recently sold a property in Station Street Newtown, the owners did not want to go with published media. During the campaign we had low numbers and not much interest, we then decided to go in the Inner West courier to expose the home to more buyers. The next open home we had a buyer come through that lived in the area and saw the property in the Courier, he ended up making an offer that was well above the interest in the campaign and we sold the home prior to auction. We may have not found this buyer if it wasn’t for being in the courier. It is your choice whether you would go with a half page add or a full page add however we personally believe it is great value for money considering the amount of people that will see your home.

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