Ozair Turabi, Ingleburn, 2565

Ozair Turabi

Sales Executive

Lj Hooker, Ingleburn, 2565

Lj Hooker

Unit 6/7 Macquarie Road, Ingleburn
New South Wales 2565
Agency overview

We at LJ Hooker want the process of buying and selling to be the celebration it should be rather than the daunting process it often is today."

The reason for me working with LJ Hooker Real Estate is our marketing and branding in the real estate industry.

Integrity: you can rely on our advice
Communication: we market properties effectively
Customer care: we value our clients and express this in our relationships
Results: we achieve superior results in every situation

To succeed as an organisation facing today's business challenges, we continually develop our people, refine our systems and upgrade our service standards. More importantly, we believe in the business of being human. We value our clients and business partners, understanding that good working relationships need care and consideration. As we move forward and expand we continue to be enthusiastic, optimistic and grateful for your support.

Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Strategy
“When your property is “On The Market” For Sale – we want absolutely everyone to know about it!”
We utilize a combination of the following proven strategies, tailored to your specific property and requirements, to generate genuine inquiries from potential buyers.

Professional Photography
Our Professional Real Estate Photographer will visit the property and take a series of internal and external photographs highlighting the best features of the property. We know what vistas work best and how we can present these property images in the best possible light. A great set of photographs really does tell a great story!

Street Signage
A large and prominent Photo Sign is erected at the property. The sign incorporates colour photographs and property details and always generates lots of enquiry. A simple yet incredibly effective method of letting people know your home is on the market.

Website Placement
Exposure of your property on the web is vital and extremely valuable in today’s market. We have developed our very own website https://ingleburn.ljhooker.com.au/ to showcase not only our office but also the properties which we have for sale. We have taken care to ensure that each and every property is presented at its very best.
There are also a myriad of other Real Estate Sites available. Not all sites are equal and some are definitely superior in their exposure and recognition. In order to gain maximum exposure for our properties, we have researched and selected what we believe to be the very best Websites available and have chosen to work with the sites which we believe will generate the most leads.
We have all of our properties featured on the following well known websites:-
• realestate.com.au
This is perhaps the most well recognized Real Estate Site in Australia. We have aligned ourselves with this organization and have been able to negotiate a package which entitles us to larger advertisements and more favourable placements.
• domain.com.au

Floor Plan Imaging
Just as photographs are invaluable, more and more buyers are looking for specific details/information such as Floor Plans. These plans are especially valuable on a Web Site Listing, as buyers can better visualize layout and proximity of spaces before viewing the property. We regularly incorporate Floor Plans into our Listings as a strategy which is increasingly paying dividends. We can organize plans which utilize either line drawings or graphics depending on what our Sellers feel is best for their particular property.

Newspaper Advertising
When buyers are looking for property in the local area, some people still prefer to embrace more traditional forms of advertising in their search for the “right one” and they look to the local Paper for information specific to this area.
Each week we place a full page of Advertising Copy in the South East Advertiser Newspaper which is published weekly and delivered free to each household in the local community. Our Colour Pictorial Advertisements in the Real Estate Lift Out highlight each of our properties and are another tried and tested avenue for generating enquiry.

Open For Inspections
“Open Homes” are regularly held at the property and, crucially, each potential buyer is subsequently followed up in a timely manner. These conversations result in candid feedback and give our Sales Team an opportunity to help buyers refine their decision making process, and in many instances make decisions. The feedback is also useful for our Sellers who can interpret comments and make their own decisions as well.

Client Database
Each of our Sales Team maintains a Database of potential and qualified Buyers that they are working with as well as clients they have kept in contact with from past associations. When a new property is listed, they are very proactive in contacting these individuals to alert them to a listing which may suit their requirements.
Most importantly … we never give up!
We will maintain our enthusiasm and will keep pushing and promoting your property until a Sale eventuates – and we will always keep you informed of our progress along the way.

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