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Starr Partners, East Gosford, 2250

Starr Partners

36-40 Victoria Street, East Gosford, New South Wales 2250
Agency Overview
Established in 1992, Starr Partners have grown to become a highly respected network, with a proven track record of delivering unrivalled results and exceeding client's expectations. Starr Partners have always been a company that leads rather than follows and are constantly at the forefront of modern techniques and technologies, whilst maintaining traditional values and integrity.

Property prices rise and fall, but one thing that should remain consistent is good customer service. Acting as your property partner in the sale of your property is a big responsibility, one we take very seriously. We believe in gaining your trust, exceeding your expectations and trying to make the whole experience less stressful.

Exceeding Expectations

Customer service plays a vital role in Real Estate. At Starr Partners we have always gone out of our way to offer an all-encompassing service to every client and are often lauded for exceeding our client's expectations.

Accurate analysis

Starr Partners carry out market appraisals all over the Central Coast, giving us an intimate understanding of property prices in your area. Our evaluation process involves numerous factors and is designed to provide the most up-to-the minute market advice.

Thirty Offices, One Team

Starr Partners actively encourage solidarity amongst our offices, resulting in your property being promoted by our entire network. Our office network is growing all the time; however our goal is not to be the biggest but to be the best!

Partners by Name, Partners by Nature

Our ethos has always been that we work 'with' our clients, opposed to working 'for' them. By carefully listening to your needs and by working together we will maximize the chances of getting you the best price.
Marketing Plan
Let's face it, when selling your property the main priority is achieving the highest price. At Starr Partners we understand that every property is different, so every Marketing Campaign needs to reflect this.

We can offer and advise on a range of selling methods including fixed price, price range, auction, and Property Launch - an exciting method exclusive to Starr Partners.

Crucial to the success of the property’s sale will be how effectively it is exposed to the marketplace. Excellent market exposure will lead to maximum buyer awareness of your property. Marketing is important regardless of the sale method you choose. It’s very hard to sell a secret!

The Internet is fast becoming the preferred method of property search for many buyers and is an effective tool for attracting inter-state and overseas buyers. Starr Partners multi award winning web site is one of the most visited agency sites in Australia, receiving hundreds of views each month, both from within Australia and internationally.

Starr Partners also advertise every listing on as a Premier Property. Premier Property is their ultimate advertising option, helping to get your property seen by more buyers than any other listing type. Be seen up to 20 times more than the standard listing!

Newspaper advertising plays a vital role in attracting sales through our company. This will ensure your advertising campaign is specifically tailored to your property. A recent study on Real Estate Campaign Efficiency has indicated that advertising in print as well as online brings 42% more visitors to your open home and 28% more visitors to your listing online than advertising online alone.

Our professional copywriter is well equipped to write all text to be used in the property’s marketing materials and press release articles.

All design work for the campaign is created in-house at our Starr Partners office. Having our production facility in-house ensures that we closely guard and monitor the quality of all materials, and it also enables us to proof and re-proof, to ensure the highest standard. You will be provided with colour proofs of all advertising by email in PDF format, or in colour printout, whichever is more convenient for you.

All of our standard packages cover: (Premier Listing) (Elite Listing)
+ 12 various real estate sites
Express Advocate South Edition
Professional Photography
Signboard (standard or photo sign)
For Sale Letterbox Distribution
Editorial/Open Home Submissions
Brochure/Open Home Booklets

Alternative, custom made packages can be easily created to cater to your individual needs.

I strongly believe that Starr Partners is the best agency to market your property and, if given the opportunity, we will ensure your sale campaign is brought to a rewarding conclusion and the highest selling price for your home will be achieved.

We look forward to your response to this proposal and your decision to engage our services as your chosen agent to represent you.
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