Phil Barclay, Chiswick, 2046

Phil Barclay


HouseHold Properties, Chiswick, 2046

HouseHold Properties

1/2 Bechert Road, Chiswick
New South Wales 2046
Agency overview

Independent Agent specialising in professional residential property management, leasing and sales. Lower rates - same services!

About our services
* At 4.4%, we offer Sydney investors the lowest management fee by atleast 10%, guaranteed!
* AND, our standard sales fees are also extremely competitive

Sydney born Licensed Real Estate Agent, passionate about servicing investors independently with all their property needs, for a much better price than where the market seems to be at today. As an investor, I understand what it means to commercially manage property and people with a view to maximising returns. As an industry specialist and member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, I understand the importance of acting ethically and in line with industry regulations. As a professional, I understand the importance of being efficient and productive. And as a local, I am there 24/7

Marketing Plan

If a buyer truly wants your property the most important thing to remember is that you reach them in your campaign and to be available 7 days. Positioning the property well is important, as is determining the right target market. We use professionals to bring together a powerful marketing campaign to attract the audience that is interested in investing in your property.

We only specialise in Private Treaty, so if you are SOLD on the concept, costs and hype of auctions, that is your call!


I've been an investor for many years and have found Household Properties' services to be perfectly satisfactory. There is never a doubt in my mind that my properties aren't being cared for. They are always leased quickly, maintained promptly, and expenses and rents are always accounted accurately. All my Sydney properties are now managed by Phil at Household Properties.

—Dr R Dela Torre / Chiswick

Dear Phil,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Household Properties for a job well done.
From managing a difficult tenant which you inherited, to reporting on the upkeep and taking care of repairs, you have been nothing less than fantastic! You always exceeded my expectations with my rental property, communicating so well throughout the process. And your statements were always clear and spot on. I have no doubt your future clients will be just as pleased with your professional residential management services
Thank you also for your advice, and for overseeing the renovation prior to doing a great job in selling my property. Your advertising campaign always looked good, and was clearly good enough for you to achieve the highest price in our block on record, and within the timeframe I needed to have the property sold by! For this, I couldn’t be happier. If I ever re-enter the real estate market in Sydney again, I will definitely come back to you. It has been a ple

—Stephen Hansman / Waverton
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