Philip Gorton, Mount Hutton, 2290

Philip Gorton

Property Manager

1 on 1 Property, Mount Hutton, 2290

1 on 1 Property

46 Wilsons Road, Mount Hutton, New South Wales 2290
Agency Overview
As a licensed agent I have worked and amanged and sold properties in this are for over 10 years.
I have always had succsess in getting properties sold or managed for my clients at a rate that was acceptable to them.)

13th March 2015


Re Mr Philip Gorton:

I first met Philip Gorton in August 2007 when he became the Property Manager for one of our properties. In the time since I have known him, I have never failed to be impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his level of experience in all matters pertaining to real estate. It is for this reason that Phil now manages both of our properties located in the greater Newcastle area.

Initially Phil became one of my best sources of advice and information on Real Estate because of his demonstrated depth of knowledge. Phil knows where to go to to get things to happen, but it is not just his subject matter expertise that has made such an impression on both my wife and I, but also his ethics. Philips level of ethical behaviour, in my experience, far surpass that commonly found in the profession. His demonstrated levels of integrity, honesty, tact and enthusiasm are both unusual and refreshing. He

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