Philip Minas, Leichhardt, 2040

Philip Minas

Sales Consultant

Hudson McHugh, Leichhardt, 2040

Hudson McHugh

Shop 1/109 Norton Street, Leichhardt, New South Wales 2040
Agency Overview
Hudson McHugh has the energy, commitment and resources to deliver outstanding results… a new energy for Sydney’s Inner West.
Every member of the Hudson McHugh team is experienced, keen and ready to work with our clients. And while a new name, we are experienced and we know the local market inside out.

Our goal is to deliver professionalism, expertise and capability, with strong strategic planning to every step we take on behalf of our clients, what we call our Dedicated Difference.
The strength of our personal experience and individual commitment combines across our entire team to help deliver outstanding results.

Ludwig Leichhardt once said…’All my striving is bent towards accomplishing something outstanding, to raising myself above the ordinary.”

At Hudson McHugh we find this an ideal reflection of our personal, family and business values.
Marketing Plan
5-star communication & Service in the form of:
* Daily communication throughout the sale campaign
* Weekly face-to-face meetings throughout the sale campaign
* Weekly written report of all buyers that have inspected with their feedback and price opinion verbatim
* Buyers are contacted the same day of any open for inspection and then are contacted a minimum of once a week until the property is sold.

Superior Negotiation Skills:
* Our sales process does not just rely on competition and in fact leverages both competition and negotiation in order to achieve the highest price
* Spent the first 3 years of my career working solely with buyers in regards to matching them to properties and negotiating on sales
* Our sales process is focused on maintaining a high level of communication with the buyers in order to negotiate the best possible sales price out of the market.
* Extensive experience in negotiating on the floor when I'm face to face with buyers in order to ensure a premium price is achieved

Unique marketing approaches:
* Combines both digital (Internet & Video) and print (Inner West Courier, Letterbox drops) as well as incorporating social platforms (Facebook marketing) to boost exposure of your home to ensure we are capturing 100% of the marketplace

Specialist Approach:
* By focussing on only the Croydon and Croydon Park marketplaces I have superior product knowledge in relation to what properties are selling for and more importantly, who is buying them, how many bidders are left over and what did they bid up to. This knowledge provides an advantage when it comes to negotiating with your buyers as I know what they have previously bid up to and for what homes rather than just taking them at their word.

In-house Auctioneer:
* Our Auctioneer is also one of our Directors, James Price, who has called over 4000 auctions in his career and therefore is hands-on with the process and is acutely aware of what has been happening throughout the marketing campaign such as who are our buyers? what are their budgets etc. This information is critical in providing James with an advantage on the auction floor as he knows when to press and when to pull back at the right times in order to boost the momentum and extract a higher sale price for you.

2 for the price of 1:
* As well as having me handling the process from sign-up through to settlement you also get my business partner Edward Pena who is his own sales agent handling his own listings etc. This provides the advantage of having two salespeople working for you directly and leaving no stone unturned. This allows us to have a minimum of 2 agents at each and every open home so that we can fully service each and every buyer as they come through.

The team:
* On-top of having Ed and myself we also have great supporting resources in the form of two support staff with clearly defined roles.
- Isabella Nichols: Handles all marketing and administration tasks such as reviewing and building marketing that is then submitted to me for approval
which I will then submit to you for your approval to ensure nothing has been missed.
- Mitchell Woodbry: Solely focussed on driving buyers to listed properties. Having buyers on the database means nothing if they are not being
engaged. Therefore Mitchell has been employed to make a minimum of 500 calls per week to our existing buyer database in order to match them to
our listings and increase the number of buyers we are reaching. Mitchell's efforts DO NOT replace our own and are instead complimentary to the
buyer work that Ed & I will be engaged in.
* By having this support network this ensures that Ed & I's time is spent either on the phone or face-to-face with your buyers
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