Prak Sangthong, Maylands, 6051

Prak Sangthong


Perth Realty Group, Maylands, 6051

Perth Realty Group

197 Guildford Road, Maylands
Western Australia 6051
Agency overview

We are a proactive agency that focuses on getting results.

Personally, we have sold almost $200,000,000 of real estate and have helped over 800 families move.

We are constantly getting awards for the community involvement and setting record prices in streets that we are engaged to sell in.

Marketing Plan

Hello Potential Seller, I would describe my marketing plan as being pro-active. What I believe is that we have to target the right person who is willing and able to buy your property at the highest price.

How I attract buyers to your property is to cast a "virtual net" to a pool of buyers to attract the highest number of people to look at your property then qualify them to see what they are willing to pay for your property.

These virtual nets are basically marketing tools. The marketing that we conduct include:

1. Only use Professional photography so that your property looks the best
2. Using all the internet websites including;; and> the combination of all these website will ensure that anyone looking to buy in Perth knows about your property
3. List your property as a feature property on so that it is the very first property buyers see when they are looking to buy in Perth
4. Follow up every buyer that enquires on your property, it's amazing how many agents don't.
5. Present all offers for you to consider and negotiate the most that the buyers are willing to pay.

I like to keep it simple.

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