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1B/528 Compton Road, Sunnybank Hills, Queensland 4109
Agency Overview
Providing a Professional & Ethical Service

To most people, buying and selling real estate is one of the most stressful things they can do – particularly when it’s residential.

QMT Realty guarantees to deliver the highest possible price to their clients, with the lowest possible stress and a “no risk” marketing campaign.

QMT Realty understands and undertakes the very best marketing methods which will protect the value of each property. The aim is to always achieve the highest possible price for each seller’s property. Asking sellers for sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, with no guarantee of a result is, unfortunately, still standard practice in the industry. We do not agree with these methods. We believe there is a better way.

All of our properties are marketed and sold very effectively using a method we call “risk free selling”. QMT Realty also offers home sellers a Service Guarantee, releasing them from any obligation to pay commission if QMT Realty’s quoted price is not achieved.

This is contrary to other methods used by most agencies whereby all risk lies with the seller. Commonly owners are asked to pay thousands of dollars in advertising costs without knowing the likely result of the sales campaign. There is rarely a price guarantee given by most other agencies which often causes costly mistakes being made by home sellers.

The “risk free selling” we provide to all our home sellers means that we, the agent, take all financial risk, providing a revolutionary approach much needed in the Real Estate Industry.

No advertising expenses
No lies or under quoting on properties
Highly trained professional Salespeople

As a potential buyer, it may be valuable for you to know that our properties all have an asking price. Research shows that 92% of respondents stated that when looking to buy real estate, they were unlikely to enquire about a property for sale if it had no asking price (this includes auctions).

There is enormous skill and effort required to deliver the best results and client service. We hope we can help you make your selling experience an enjoyable one.

We Look forward to being able to help you with your property needs.)
Marketing Plan
Attracting the Right Buyers
Our marketing is structured to attract all buyers in the area to our office. It’s one of the biggest points in marketing real estate - buyers who want to buy in an area, visit the area. We match the best buyers to the property.
A strong local network is provided as a starting point for our marketing.

The following marketing can be used during the private treaty process.

Buyers Club Newsletter
Each week many qualified buyers contact us. Each enquiry is entered into our Buyers Club and subsequently advised on any listing matching their needs.

Signs are very effective in attracting buyers. Give away too much information the potential buyer could make an incorrect judgment without inspecting the property. Let the potential buyer know the property is for sale and provide a contact number and enquiry follows.

Enquiry Log
At QMT Realty all enquiry comes through a central contact number. Mobile phone numbers are not used on any of our marketing. This allows accurate and detailed records to be kept. Each time a property is listed these buyers are matched with that property. We offer you a team of salespeople working together to sell the property, following up buyers from the enquiry log.

One team member is dedicated to going through past enquiry, finding potential buyers for our properties then passing those potential buyers to the sales team.

Internet Marketing
Different websites are used to attract buyers.
1. QMTREALTY.com.au – provides information and property details to potential buyers.
2. Realestate.com.au – the most used real estate website in Australia for finding property.
3. Domain.com.au – more widely used by interstate buyers and investors.
4. Homehound.com.au
5. Onthehouse.com.au
6. Realestate1.com.au
7. REIQ.com.au
8. Thehomepage.com.au
9. Allhomes.com.au
10. Homesales.com.au
11. Propertynow.com.au
12. Realestateview.com.au

Local Newspapers
The local newspaper is used to attract the buyers that are missed through electronic marketing. Depending on the particular property the size, position and frequency of the advertisement will vary.

Direct mail is used to advise local residents of a property for sale.

We are available seven days a week with extended trading hours till 7pm every day. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Social Media
Via Facebook and Twitter are social forms of media and can be very effective marketing tools. An advertisement for your property is posted within 24 hours of marketing beginning.

Sorting Buyers
Once contact is made, buyers are sorted by their requirements. This is the qualifying stage. Each buyer is matched with potentially suitable properties. A simple process that saves time and delights buyers. An agent who listens to their wants and needs.
A buyer who may be suited or interested in a particular property is shown through by appointment at a suitable time for them.

A Golden Rule of selling is - make it easy for people to buy.
Open inspections make it hard to buy. An open inspection lasts for one hour, that hour has to suit the buyers. If it doesn’t they cannot inspect the home. The seller may lose the buyer.
Instead of restricting inspection times to once or twice a week, a property should be available to inspect at any time. All our inspections are by appointment only.

Feedback on inspections regarding price, presentation and market response is done verbally via twice weekly pre-arranged phone contacts. Furthermore, a weekly written report covering the number of internet views, enquiries, inspections and price feedback.

Marketing Costs - in general nil. We offer risk free advertising.
This can be discussed and confirmed at the time of listing depending on agreed requirements.

We offer price guarantee with our appraisals! No other agents we know in the area offers this.)

We needed to sell the family home in Robertson that belonged to Christine’s father. Her brother Michael wanted to try the Jenman system, having attended a seminar on the concept some years ago. He contacted the Jenman group and was quickly contacted by Quy Early from QMT Realty at Sunnybank Hills. We looked at the profiles and locations of houses they were selling and initially we were a little concerned that no properties were listed in the Robertson area, so we also contacted some other local agents. We need not have worried – she had an excellent knowledge of the area and the difference in the approach taken by Quy was very clear. Other agencies wanted us to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, to sell through an auction and hold a number of open days – all the steps that we did not want to take.

Quy gave us very helpful advice on preparing the property for listing and proved to be a capable and effective ambassador for the Jenman system by clearly demonstrating that she wa

Ray & Christine Orr / Robertson

Value for Money

Over the years I have sold a number of homes through various Real Estates and after settlement have always ended up asking myself the following questions.

Was the real estate agent really working for me or the buyer?
Was the sale price obtained realistic for my home?
Did I pay a fee to the agent beyond the service provided?

My recent home sale was successfully handed by QMT Realty and I am pleased to say I did not ever feel I needed to ask myself those questions as I truly feel I certainly received value for money.

This is not surprising when one has engaged a professional such as Quy Early. Quy’s sales methodology, frankness and the willingness to go beyond her responsibilities have ensured a pleasant and stress free journey from the moment we met Quy, through to settlement. Also a special thanks to Linda Smart of QMT Realty for her support and assistance.

This is why I believe we received value for money.
- See more at: http://www.qmtreal

Gerald & Lyn Kelly / Stretton

As I was living in New Zealand, I was quite anxious about finding someone in Australia to sell my property in Parkinson, someone that would look after my interests and not just their own.

A friend of mine Sharon recommended I contact Quy at QMT Realty. I hadn’t heard of QMT Realty before but Sharon told me that Quy deals with buyers, sellers and tenants alike, with old fashioned honesty and is dedicated to providing the customers service that you don’t see much anymore.

I decided to place the sale of my property in Quy’s hands with the help of Sharon as my power of attorney due to my living overseas.

WOW, the property was on the market and sold within a very short period of time, just as she said she would do AND at a good price, I was impressed.

The appraisal was very professional and spot on, and the communication to myself in NZ, and to Sharon was exceptional. Quy knew what she was talking about and helped me throughout the process, even to the extent of organising a few

Megan & Sharon / Parkinson
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