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Reliance Real Estate  - Point Cook, Point Cook, 3030

Reliance Real Estate - Point Cook

429A Main Street, Point Cook
Victoria 3030
Agency overview

Our highly experienced and passionate team at Reliance Real Estate always endeavour to surpass client’s expectations. We understand selling a property involves emotions which is why we carefully guide clients through the process to ensure the experience is stress-free and importantly, that results are maximised.
The way we work and the outcomes we achieve are guided by strong values that prioritise the client and aim to consistently raise the real estate industry standard. Our guarantee is a commitment that you will receive the best service when engaging our team to sell your property.

In the circumstance that we do not sell your property, you are not liable for any financial outlay. It is standard practice that we do not charge any marketing fees and commissions & administration fees are not due until your property has sold and settled. This gives you peace of mind when deciding whether or not to put your property on the market.
It is in everyone’s best interest to value a property accurately in accordance with market value. Reflecting our no sale, no charge promise, if your property fails to sell, we do not get paid so it is essential that we market your property accurately from day one. Unrealistic initial values used to secure business is not only detrimental to our bottom line but most importantly it damages our relationship with you and goes against the values we believe in. We take great pride in nurturing relationships with clients for life.
Maintaining a transparent and honest relationship with you is vital to our success. We take great responsibility in proactively liaising with you regarding any matters that require your input. Our team also ensures they are accessible to you and make certain that phone calls are returned within three business hours and buyer feedback is also provided within three hours of an inspection.
Our aim is for you to achieve the best possible price for your property in the shortest time period. Whether an offer is submitted from another agency, buyers agent, buyers advocate or even a financial planner, we welcome any offer if it optimises the outcome for you. YOU come first so sharing the commission with another party does not concern us if it means achieving a higher price for you.

Marketing Plan


We align, search and match your property
to potential clients listed in our database.
Our database is maintained regularly and provides an excellent source of potential
buyers and investors.

Once you have listed your property with
Reliance Real Estate, we arrange a professional real estate photographer to visit your property to capture the beauty and key features of your home. These images will be used on all marketing brochures, booklets and advertising material designed to sell your property.

We arrange to have professional signboards placed strategically in the front of your property to further maximise exposure for your property.

We utilise several methods of advertising to ensure all Reliance Real Estate properties are published on a broad range of platforms to reach many different audiences.

Your property will be displayed in the office windows for maximum exposure to foot traffic.

Your property will be featured in our Weekly Home Guide, highlighting sale details and open home times.

We live in a world full of technology. To ensure your property is not lost, we advertise on numerous home real estate sites as well as our website reliancere.com.au. We also have the option of making your property an exclusive listing which prioritises your property on sites such as realestate.com.
au, domain.com.au, onthehouse.com.au homesales.com.au and realestateview.com.au. At Reliance Real Estate we are proud to stand by our
‘No Sale No Charge’ policy. We will cover all the advertising costs if you were to decide not to sell. You will pay $0 upfront for any advertising costs, that is our guarantee.

Property videography is a great way to show people thorough the home! This is suggest for the top of the range properties and if you want to market the property to the best of its ability. This is a great way to market to international buyers as it is like being walked through the property.

Advertising your property 24/7! Maximising your listing exposure, these solar powered signboards are a must for the most exclusive properties! 6x4 Photoboards available.

On realestate.com.au, Australia’s most popular real estate website. We have many options when publishing your property online. On realestate.com.au, Australia’s most popular real estate website. We have many options when publishing your property online.
Premiere Property
Add prestige and prominence to your property with the highest priority above all ads.
Highlight Property
Attention-grabbing design, larger photos, more visibility. Positioned above all feature listings and
standard listings.

Dependent on your property we can arrange a professional interior designer and stylist to come through the home and show you how to prepare your home for photography and inspections.
Property styling shows off the best aspects of your property. When done well, it gets your home ready for sale by creating a great first impression and allowing potential buyers to visualise what their life could be like in their new home. Creative property styling by the right specialists will not only increase the perceived value of your property by thousands of dollars, it also saves you time and effort.

Prior to online advertisement we will invite our pre-registered buyers to the property to show them this possible purchase. This is great for the home owner as it can possibly lead to a purchase prior to any advertisements meaning no costs to the you, and it also gets feedback on the property so we know for future potential buyers.

Local Awareness is key to any sale! Upon lisitng a property we get professionally printed drops approximately 50-100 to distribute to the local area. This is great for people looking to upgrade/downsize in the area or whom know of family/friends looking to buy in the area. Again, this is another communication channel to generate excessive interest in a property.

A floor plan, however, will clearly display the flow of rooms, which helps buyers understand the way that accommodation could work for them. Even if a home is note quite right, a floor plan will make it easier to see how the interior could be adapted.

Office Location