Scott Moon, Parkside, 5063

Scott Moon

Sales Consultant

Harcourts Brock Estates, Parkside, 5063

Harcourts Brock Estates

67 Unley Road, Parkside, South Australia 5063
Agency Overview
Harcourts Brock Estates is a boutique real estate office specialising in selling luxury and character real estate throughout Adelaide and along the coastal band. Our office is located on Unley Road, Parkside - flanking the city fringe in the thick of a coveted shopping arena and encircled by some of Adelaide’s finest real estate.

The Brock name is reputable with real estate in South Australia, 43 years and still as strong as ever. It is attributed to excellence and now represents the current chapter in Michael Brock’s unrelenting success story. This chapter takes place on Unley Road, surrounded by some of the finest Real Estate in Adelaide.

Harcourts is an international powerhouse, found in 10 countries across the world. We have a huge multilingual marketing team, giving us the capacity to reach to an audience on an international scale. Through this we have exclusive rights to the exquisite Luxury Property Network, a platform that few companies have the opportunity to use, and a global audience like no other.
Marketing Plan
Marketing is an integral part of any sales campaign. In conjunction with Price and Presentation, the Marketing process makes up the three key focuses to achieve the optimal result. When executed correctly, this will lead to achieving a premium price in the quickest amount of time.

I try to be property specific and direct when selecting media to market a property with. What this means is, forming a marketing campaign that directly reflects and compliments the best attributes within the home and reaching the appropriate and intended target market.

I use a mix of online marketing in the form of online portals such as and Social media is vastly becoming a huge player in modern realestate and connecting with the public, therefore I feed many of my listings onto our brands Facebook and Instagram pages, along with my professional page (Scott Moon at Harcourts Brock Estates).I also target my international database through the WOWU88 realestate website.

Print media is a highly effective tool, especially with luxury end property. The Advertiser, local messenger newspapers and prestige magazines such as SA Life can promote high interest in a selected demographic.

C. Marketing Campaign & Costs

1.   High impact marketing is essential for the successful sale of your property.

2.   I would recommend a strong marketing campaign including a presence in print media e.g. Messenger Eastern Courier, Advertiser as well as online. It is important to sweep across all aspects of marketing when selling a home of this calibre

3.   Marketing cost can vary dependant on packages chosen and best discussed in person.


1. In the New Re-Release Phase (the first 3 weeks on market), I would recommend either Best Offer (also known as Expression of Interest), or Auction, as they each have a ‘deadline’ which eliminates buyer procrastination and they also create buyer competition.

2. Of these methods, Auction by Fixed Date Sale offers you the perfect combination of Best Offer and Auction. By encouraging offers during the marketing campaign we gain valuable feedback in price by virtue of offers, we also capture “A” grade buyers that may not be able to bid at Auction but are willing to make a higher offer, buyers that have missed out on a few properties already and do not want to risk being outbid at another Auction and prepared to make a walkaway offer before Auction etc. etc. We then evaluate this feedback and the property is sold before Auction or we gain market feedback on price and where the market value is and continue to market well educated on value expectations.

3. If your timeframe allows for it then it is also a good option to let us offer the property to our database investors, developers and private clients with a purchasing criteria matching you property. This is a fantastic way to not only gauge pricing feedback but we are in some cases able to sell a property for a premium price, by generating a sense of urgency around having an exclusive limited time opportunity to purchase before going on the market.
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