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GoldCo Property, South Melbourne, 3205

GoldCo Property

1 Alfred Place, South Melbourne
Victoria 3205
Agency overview

GoldCo is an end-to-end property buying and management agency.

The management division was established when we discovered that
our clients who had purchased were unable to find a property
manager who provided the level of service they were seeking.

Not only do we help clients buy their assets/properties, but we also
make sure their investment is managed the way it should be.

We put an enormous focus on relationships. This, coupled with our
delivery and service, is why so many of our clients choose us to
manage their entire portfolio.

We do not merely collect rental payments and conduct inspections.
Placing a huge importance on the level of value we are able to
deliver to a client is a key pillar of ours.

When clients want to assess their portfolio, have evaluations done,
plan and execute a renovation, or even wish to expand their
portfolio, GoldCo represents and assists them throughout the
entire process.

Marketing Plan

Marketing a rental property is far more than just taking a few
photos and putting them online.

Without a clear floor plan, excellent written copy, and high
quality photos, you will fall short of ensuring the best portrayal of
your property.

All GoldCo rentals have professional photos taken, an
accompanying floorplan, a signboard if the owners corporation
allow it, and often an accompanying video.

Office Location