Silke Weichenhain, Strathfield, 2135

Silke Weichenhain

Property Manager

The Joneses Estate Agents, Strathfield, 2135

The Joneses Estate Agents

9 Cave Road, Strathfield
New South Wales 2135
Agency overview

It’s never just a house or apartment. It’s more than a post code; more than a kitchen. More than hardwood floors and post-war details. When it’s right, a home is not just the physical space where you reside. It’s where you and your family come to life. It’s the first, best expression of who you are as an individual, as a couple, as a family.

At The Joneses we build our business around this very human truth — making every effort to understand your hopes, your dreams, and your very unique personality. Then we use that understanding, and all our resources, to find homes that go beyond checklist, and even the wish list, to that wonderful feeling you get when something just feels right.

At The Joneses we know that it’s never just a house or an apartment. It’s where you live… and it’s who you are.


Marketing Plan

• Advertising and marketing your property:
• We will ensure your property is highly visible to tenants /, our website, social media exposure
• Avoiding long term vacancies – we will schedule at least two viewings per week as soon your property is ready to be marketed and add additional viewings on request for potential tenants
• Sourcing and screening potential clients

During tenancy:
We are the buffer between you and the tenant, any queries will be brought to us and we take care of it. We organise repairs and emergency repairs on weekends and public holidays, we monitor the rent payments and chase up rents in arrears.
In addition we:
• Manage your financial accounts
• Manage your paperwork as rental agreements, contracts for repairs and maintenance, end of lease, rental bonds and more
• Source and organise tradespeople for repairs and maintenance
• Conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure that your property is in proper working order and well looked after
• Keep tabs of the latest zone regulations, federal and state laws, property values, landlord rights and we watch the rental prices for your region closely
• Help to decide if it’s time to raise to the rent or make keys repairs to maximise your return

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